John Alite: Deletes People Who Ask Questions

In an interview with John Ricciutti (29:48) posted to YouTube in June, 2015 John Alite said that he laughs and leaves up the comments people make on the internet when they try to “bully” him, specifically:

“I won’t even take it down, I leave it up, they put up fake emails, they put fake, fake, fake, uh, YouTubes… it’s almost laughable to me so I leave it.” 

While that is not entirely true, however, what is more troubling is that when he said this he had already deleted plenty of questions from people, not insults from trolls, but, the honest questions people asked about the veracity of his book and inconsistencies.

Like in the following screenshots from February, 2015. Compare them. Notice the dates, how my comments disappeared and then how John Alite replaced my question with his own… but, only after he deleted my question, which he could not answer, so, viewers could not see the challenge being presented to him:



These are not the actions of a changed man, who, as he stated above, won’t “duck anyone’s questions.”

These are the actions of a bully.

Just one tiny example of someone asking questions followed by John Alite deleting them when he can’t answer with Facts, instead resorting to insults, sometimes threats and in this case blocking me from his page so I could not question him further because he knew I was hitting him with the truth and his only option was to admit that he is a pathological liar.

This is the same type of behavior he presents when he goes on radio shows but tells the hosts ahead of time that they’re not allowed to take callers and are only allowed to ask him questions which he approves of in advance.


  • Couldn’t agree more,
    You bring up some great points,
    Keep it up.

    • John you’re a f****** disgrace you preach about saving kids trying to save them from the life!however you selling baseball bats you’re nothing but scam artist and you look like a f****** pimp with your sunglasses and your f****** audacious clothing. You’re a total joke not a tough guy why don’t you fight Jimmy Calandra.