John Alite: Lies about all the countries he visited.

John Alite has said he is working on a book about his life “On The Run” and all the countries he visited. This website wonders then just exactly how many countries he will say he visited because he and Anastasia have been totally inconsistent when recounting the number of them Alite visited after fleeing the United States in March, 2003 and before he was arrested in Brazil in November, 2004.

1) Carneglia Trial (Direct, 3525):

Five countries:


2) Gotti Trial (Direct, 1086):

“About 15 different countries.”


3) Gotti Trial (Cross, 2012):

“I went to 20 countries.”


4) (as of 6/13/2017):

“His trip took him to twenty different countries”

5) Gotti’s Rules (5):

A dozen different countries.

6) John Alite interview with Ricky Bones (2/12/15, 39:30):

“I was an international guy, I lived uh, in, you know, dozens of countries, on the run, before on the run.”

7) George Anastasia interview with George Knapp/Coast to Coast AM (2/15/15, hour three – 33:15):

“He was in and out of twelve different countries.”

8) George Anastasia talk at the Free Library of Philadelphia (2/24/2015, 14:23)

“And he was in and out of twelve different countries.”

9) George Anastasia interview with Ron Chepesiuk/Crime Beat Radio (2/26/15, 22:24):

“John Alite went on the run, in and out of twelve different countries.”

10) George Anastasia interview with John Ricciutti (3/15, 21:18):

“This guy goes on the run, he’s in and out of twelve different countries.”

11) John Alite speech at The Mob Museum (9/10/15, 42:22):

“You name it I was probably there, twenty-two countries.”

12) John Alite interview on The Joey Ciccone Chow (9/11/15, 1:22:49):

“I was in about twenty different countries.”

13) John Alite interview with The Insider Magazine (Published 11/30/15, 1:27):

“I traveled probably to, uh, anywhere from fifteen to twenty-something countries.”

14) Facebook (12/30/2015):

“St. Lucia and close to 20 other countries”

15) The Let’s Change The WORLD Podcast (5/1/2016, 32:42):

“West Africa and 20 other countries.”



  • What a tool! He been to all these countries yet can’t remember the rotation but he could recall a conversation word for word from 20 years ago? He has probably been in just as many jails and prisons and I bet he could recall every last cell mate he had over the years yet he can’t remember what country he went to first while on the run for 2 years. What a jerkoff!

    • That was one of the arguments from the Gotti trial. Alite would go into these long-winded, detail-filled stories from twenty years prior, but then he couldn’t regard something from five years prior. It happens over and over in the transcripts. Whenever he was challenged he would say he didn’t remember the details but could could remember details of other events from long ago.

  • Mr. Alite, with his criminal history, is allowed to get a passport, and that the UK granted him entry, that ONLY happens with FBI stamp of approval, UK will not let SNOOP dog in for a joint.

  • he will never get the americans to believe him, he goes across the pond to spew his lies poor foolz, hitman!!!!! bwahahahahahah / bath ave 4 eva