John Alite: Chased Since 1991

John Alite has said that he reported to John Gotti Jr. and the Gambino family until he signed his deal to testify for the FBI in 2007. In addition, Gotti’s Rules says on page 183 that he spent 20 years as John Gotti Jr.’s muscle… Which, is total nonsense because John A. (Jr.) Gotti “chased” Alite from his crew, and therefore, the Gambino family in November, 1991.

Did that mean Alite was no longer allowed in Queens?

No. It meant he was no longer an associate of John A. Gotti’s crew and under their protection. It meant he was no longer allowed to do business with them or any other Gambinos. From that point forward John Alite would no longer be considered a Gambino family associate and have the organization’s backing, influence and support.

John Alite would now be just another thug instead of a very low-level mobster on the fringes of the Gambino family.

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John Alite’s All-Star Boxing Challenge

Yesterday on April 14, 2016 John Alite issued a challenge to John A. Gotti.

On Instagram and Facebook he invited Mr. Gotti to “stop the girl talk” and fight him one on one in a pay-per-view boxing match to raise money for Alite’s “charity.”

Yet when John A. Gotti responded?

Well, let’s just say that John Alite did what he always does. He RATTED.

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Joe O’Kane: A Man’s Man.

Before the 2009 John A. Gotti trial the FBI visited Joseph O’Kane in prison at USP Canaan where he was serving a life sentence.

Joe, who was 42 and other than a short time when he was released on house arrest between 1999-2000 had been incarcerated since January, 1996 when he was 28 years old. But now, the Feds offered him a get-out-of-jail free card if he would testify against Gotti and back up star witness John Alite at trial.

Instead? He cursed out his visitors and returned to his cell, preferring to spend the rest of his life in a cage rather than live ‘free’ but on his knees.

And then: Like the Man’s Man he was, and at extreme risk to himself, Joe O’Kane testified for the defense and made sure the jury knew what a lying scurve John Alite really was and helped John A. Gotti beat the bogus charges lodged against him at the taxpayers’ expense.

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The New Jersey “Shoot-Out” — That Never Happened??

In their book John Alite and George Anastasia tell a fascinating, cinematic story of “a shoot-out” that took place on Alite’s property in New Jersey in 1990.

However: Alite gave wildly varying accounts of this alleged “shoot-out” in his FBI-302s, an interview he gave for a documentary and another on the radio where I called in and asked him about it.

Specifically: They differ in the amount of people Alite says he killed during it, which, coupled with other Facts leads this website to believe that the alleged shoot-out Never happened. That it is just a figment of John Alite’s rat-fiction.

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John Alite: Informant Since 1991

John Alite has been an informant since at least 1991.

Possibly 1989. Never wanting to be known as a rat, evidenced by the numerous interviews where he’s refused to call himself one, it’s believed his deal was always to be a confidential informant providing information to law enforcement behind the scenes while never having to take the stand and become a cooperating witness.

However: John Alite says that he did not become an informant until 2007, after he’d been extradited from Brazil.


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