John Alite: Lied about being sexually abused by A Priest?

John Alite said on the radio in late 2014 that he was sexually abused as a child by a Catholic Priest.

However: He left that out of his book, trial testimony, FBI-302 debriefings as well as every interview and speech I’ve seen and heard him give since, leading this website to believe that he never really was abused by a Catholic Priest.

Did John Alite lie about being sexually abused as a child by a Catholic Priest?
And if so– should he be allowed to “mentor” children?

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John Alite Says His Friends Raped And Killed Girls.

While he was in jail in Brazil between 2004-2006 John Alite communicated regularly with attorneys and associates back in the United States. He discussed the indictment he was charged with and gave information to his co-defendants’ lawyers to discredit the prosecution witnesses, alleging that many of them were racist, drug-addicted, women-killing rapists.

PROBLEM: Many of those same alleged racist, drug-addicted, women-killing rapists? They were his friends, and some of them are still his friends, today, in 2016.

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John Alite: Lies about His Imprisonment

John Alite said in The Mafia with Trevor McDonald that he “spent almost a decade locked down in 23-hour lock up.”

He also said on a radio show in 2014 that he spent “years and years in solitary confinements,” while, in a letter he wrote from prison in Brazil? He only said that he “spent 4 years in solitary.”

Question for John Alite:
Other than when you were in protective custody before going into Witness Protection, when exactly did you spend any time at all in “23-hour lock up” or any kind of solitary confinement?

Because, in this post you will find details about all the times you’ve been incarcerated, and, we can’t find it.

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John Alite: Sees A Psychic???

John Alite mentioned in two February, 2015 interviews that he sees a psychic.

He even mentioned that this psychic, “Jason Donegan,” wanted to put him in touch with the ghost of John Gotti Sr., who, he claims wanted John Alite to kidnap, torture and kill his son.

However: John Alite made no mention of this alleged “psychic” in his book, testimony and every FBI debriefing of his that I have seen.

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John Alite: Boxing with The Castros (and Fighting for La Revolución)

On his website under Keynote Speaking John Alite really took this whole #RatFiction thing to another level.

Not only did he say how he’ll tell captivated audiences about how he boxed with Castro’s sons in Cuba, but, even about how he fought with Chavez’s armies in Venezuela!!

And of course: he had the nerve to leave all of that out of his book, speeches, Facebook rants, dozens of interviews and the thousands of pages of reports that resulted from his testimony at multiple trials, numerous grand juries and his interviews with “a hundred” different FBI Agents. How disappointing.

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