John Alite, Super-Bully: Part 1- Janine

John Alite, in an attempt to silence and discredit a random woman from the United Kingdom who he’d never met– who he knew virtually nothing about– just that she challenged his lies by asking him simple questions over the internet– John Alite actually tried to bully her into fear on his Facebook wall in April, 2015, even saying he would pass out her address when he visited the U.K. the month after:


Never mind though that he is on federal supervised release into 2017, not allowed to leave the United States, not even the state of New Jersey. There are numerous instances this website is aware of where Alite bullied women on the internet as the classic John Alite move is to react like a feral animal when confronted with The Truth by lashing out with insults, threats or just putting his tail between his legs and running away from the questions and Facts all together.

But the bigger problem here is that John Alite has influence over others and after putting Janine out there either he or some nut-job he inspired sent ‘death threats’ via Facebook, one of which was this message to my Facebook Page on April 25, 2015:

Hagan Maka, who deleted his profile soon after but has since reactivated it at also sent the following message to Janine on 4/25/2015:

Was this John Alite sending death threats under a fake account?

Or, did he inspire some wacko to send them? Perhaps to even plot taking things off the internet and go after her in person?

What we do know is that this is what demented John Alite brings to the world: POLLUTION.

Not only did a ‘Jason Jones’ (probably just John Alite in disguise under a fake account) post what he believed was John A. Gotti’s home address on John Alite’s Facebook wall, but, John Alite “the-good-bad-guy” did not even delete it after, possibly endangering Mr. Gotti’s young children from the crazy stalkers that might be out there.

John Alite the anti-bullying super-advocate even added to the following comments made by others about Janine on his Facebook wall saying that he would pass out her name and address in schools as well:



John Alite is not a reformed man. John Alite is the same demented bully he always was just with a cooperation agreement that gave him absolution for all of his past, heinous crimes.

However: When he goes back to prison for his new ones maybe we’ll pass out his mailing address so everyone can send him post cards in his cell block?

PS: See how in that last screenshot Alite ends with, “No comments now????”

The truth is Alite has a habit of deleting and blocking anyone on Facebook who disagrees with and or challenges him so they can not leave comments. Like he’s even offended and believes people don’t have the right to make comments.

But even so, on October 26th, 2015 John Alite– who blocked me on Facebook, evidenced by the fact that his name is in ‘black’ in this screenshot below– he still had the nerve to come on and LIE when confronted with his cyber-bullying:


To which Janine, offended, responded with the truth:


To clarify:



Janine still received another message from Hagan Maka on February 4, 2016:


“Hey bitch support the gottis again and I’ll get your throat cut out cunt”

If John Alite says these messages were not sent by him, then, he will publicly address them and attempt to find out who sent them if he really is the changed man he claims to be.

However: it wouldn’t be the first time John Alite threatened to cut a woman’s throat.

Mob linked to valet parking
Tampa Bay Times, Graham Brink
January 10, 2005

Locally, Alite’s name arose in a lawsuit Prestige officials filed in 2001 that accused former employee Michael Malatin of stealing their business plan and clients. In his deposition taken June 20, 2003, Malatin said Alite threatened him during a telephone conservation:

Lawyer: What did you talk about?

Malatin: He did most of the talking, and it was threatening.

L: What did he say?

M: Well, he said that he would – that he wanted to kill me, and that he was going to rape (my wife) and slit her throat.


  • I would like to put a question to Mr Alite.. Why do you think this is ok ?? You know for a FACT I simply asked a question you didn’t like .. Call me naive but the question was genuine .. Why do you think it’s ok to put out my address ? Why do you think it’s ok to threaten to expose me on American radio shows ? Why did you want everyone to know who I am … Because I asked a question regarding Sir Trevor McDonald’s interview with you? Then , to contact my local police via Facebook and say I was threatening you .. Me .. A working Mam who watched a program on the TV.? Was the question that near the truth you thought you better try and discredit me ? You then deny all of it and claim it is your management .. What management would ever threaten someone with a cut throat ? Come on ! Then on top of all this you claim we are friends . Let me just say Mr Alite with friends like you no one would need an enemy !! I would love for you to answer me .. Be it on here or personally . To clarify why. Thank you .

  • Thanks for looking out for me when a year ago I was scared .. X

  • Yeah I was one of the prison inmates with Alite in Brazil. The only reason he lasted is because he blew me and every guy in the jail. You could tell he was a pro. One time he did 8 guys, it was a bukkake fest.