The Brazil Files

John Alite has told all kinds of wild tales about his days in Brazil. Specifically, about his time in prison there from November, 2004 to December, 2006.

However: all of these wild prison stories that John Alite described in his book and dozens of interviews and rants on social media since it was published? Not only do they contradict each other, they also contradict what John Alite testified to under oath. As usual, his outrageous claims made no appearance in the thousands of pages of reports from his testimony at multiple trials, numerous grand juries and his over 1,000 hours of debriefings with, as he claimed, “a hundred” different FBI Agents.

Gotti (Cross, 1956): 


But, forget that there is no mention in John Alite’s testimony and debriefings about the story he told in Chapter 1 of his book, of how about six months after he was imprisoned in Brazil he was placed in a “dry cell,” buck naked, and in solitary confinement where two inmate trustees were tasked with coming to kill him, on orders from the warden… but, where Alite instead pulled a knife with a “blade of five or six inches that had been sharpened on stone” out of his rectal cavity and stabbed and slashed the two trustees with it, one of whom was on steroids, and then proceeded to walk back to his regular cell like a hero covered in blood and still buck naked as the inmates cheered him on.

He also alleged that he “stabbed two guys in there” during his September, 2015 speech at The Mob Museum and in a February, 2015 interview on TapouT Radio with Ricky Bones he actually implied that he killed one of these men when he said:

“Do what I did. Go, go on, go on the street like I did in Brazil, stick a knife up your ass and go kill a guy. And be a man.”

Not only has John Alite told story after story portraying himself as a fearless prison warrior and hero among the inmates for taking on corrupt Brazilian guards, wardens and trustees, he even said on his website and a one-sheet in 2015 advertising his services as “a motivational speaker” that while he was in prison in Brazil not only did he engage in “underground gladiator-style combat,” but? When he went “on the run” he boxed with Castro’s sons in Cuba and fought with Chavez’s armies in Venezuela (seriously: click here to read it).


Yet when George Anastasia was asked in multiple interviews why he believes John Alite’s stories to be true? While he said it was because he read the court documents and trial transcripts where Alite testified (you know, the ones where he was torn apart under cross-examination and revealed to be a gigantic liar)–

During televised interviews in 2015 with Steve Adubato and John Ricciutti he said that he took Alite at his word on what happened to him in prison in Brazil between 2004-2006 because it was not possible to verify what took place there, specifically:

Adubato: “Now, Brazil, I’m taking him at his word about what happened in Brazil.”

Ricciutti: “I couldn’t go to Brazil, even if I went to Brazil, they would never confirm a lot of the stuff he told me, so, I gotta take him at his word on that.”


“They would never confirm a lot of the stuff” John Alite told George Anastasia because it’s not true.

Besides, any seasoned journalist wouldn’t even need to go to Brazil to know the stories in Alite’s book are fictional, because, there was no mention of them in his FBI-302 debriefings and trial testimony.

Say Alite testified on the stand but left out that he engaged in “underground gladiator-style combat” and stabbed multiple people in prison in Brazil as he alleged in his book, at The Mob Museum and on his website? Or, that he possibly killed someone in prison in Brazil, like he said in that Ricky Bones interview?

If the prosecution did not bring up when John Alite testified that he stabbed and possibly killed people in prison in Brazil but then the defense found out about it afterwards their whole case would have been in jeopardy. The government would have been accused of withholding evidence and the charges could have been dismissed.

Yet even if Alite did tell the jury about stabbing and possibly killing people in prison in Brazil, then, the medical and coroner reports would have been subpoenaed and he would have been cross-examined over it. There also would have been no reason for Alite to leave it out of his debriefings and testimony because when he cooperated he was supposed to tell the FBI about his entire criminal history and he had no problem going into great detail about other mayhem and murders he said he was involved in.

NOTE: While John Alite implied at 19:53 in the February, 2015 Ricky Bones interview that he killed one of the trustees he later said at 41:36 that “I know I stabbed them. I don’t know if they died or not died. I never went back and checked, I really don’t care to be honest with you.” Similar to later that month when he said in an interview with Mike Calta: “I’m not sure if he died. If he lived, I’m really not sure.”

An obvious lie because there’s no way he wouldn’t have known if the one or two men died as the news of their deaths would have spread like a wildfire throughout the entire prison. He might have even been charged with their murders.

But, even if George Anastasia did believe there was a reason for Alite’s prison war stories to be left out of his testimony? With a simple inquiry without leaving home he could have retrieved the following:

The over 1,000 pages of official court documents covering John Alite’s misadventures in Brazil that were accessed with a simple phone call from New York when John A. Gotti had Andrea Hoyos, one of his attorneys hire a random lawyer in Brazil who simply went to the courts and printed out:

  1. Alite’s extradition proceedings.
  2. Alite’s Brazilian prison records.
  3. The child support lawsuit filed against Alite by a woman in Brazil.
  4. A lawsuit Alite filed against one of his cellmates in Brazil.

But not only did George Anastasia, who reportedly got a $100,000 advance from his publisher Harper Collins choose not to do that, he also did not hire a private investigator in Brazil like John A. Gotti did who tracked down people that were mentioned in the documents and conducted interviews with them.

Interviews which together with the documents painted a much different story than the one Alite and Anastasia told in their book.

And while Gotti said he paid the attorneys, private investigator and a college-educated translator (the documents were in Portuguese) less than $8,500 total?

It would have been even easier and much cheaper for George Anastasia as he is a known reporter with government support, media contacts, Alite himself on his side and a major publishing house behind him with millions of dollars to invest in their project and international influence now including a satellite branch in Brazil.

Which begs the question: Does his publisher, Harper Collins, know that he wrote a book full of lies?

And: Does George Anastasia think his readers are stupid?

Either way, let’s address some of the things John Alite and George Anastasia have discussed publicly, like:

How long John Alite was “on the run” in Brazil.

Because while George Anastasia said in a speech at the Radnor Memorial Library on April 5, 2016 that “John Alite went on the run for, like, three and a half years.”

The About section of John Alite’s website only says that he spent “three years on the run” while the Keynote Speaking section only says that he was “pursued by Gambino assassins, the FBI and Interpol across the globe on a 2 year manhunt.”

The reality though is that while John Alite fled the United States in approximately March, 2003 he was arrested in Brazil on November 24, 2004 meaning that he was only “on the run” for around 20 months, not two, “three” or “three and a half years.”

Plus: the sealed indictment he was charged in was filed in Tampa, Florida in August, 2004 meaning that it only took Interpol a little more than three months to grab him, not “a 2 year manhunt.”

But what did George Anastasia have to say about John Alite’s attempts to dodge Interpol?

He implied in his book and interviews that John Alite was a master criminal “on the run” and told John Ricciutti that:

“He was in and out of Cuba twice. He said anytime he was on the run when he got a sense that Interpol might be closing in on him, he went into Cuba, to kind of, wipe his plath, path clean and then he would come out again and they’d have to pick up his trail somewhere else.”

However: forget that page 9 of Anastasia’s book says he actually made three stops in Cuba, to expose John Alite’s story of being a wealthy master criminal “on the run” and reveal him for the dumb, low-level mug he really was at the 2009 Charles Carneglia trial (Cross, 3552) defense attorney Curtis Farber had Alite admit that Interpol found him because he used the same internet cafe for ten months in a row:


Question: What master criminal “on the run” who is trying to evade Interpol by dipping “in and out of Cuba” uses the same internet cafe for ten months in a row?

Answer: Not one of them.


But, to give Alite the benefit of the doubt– even though the Brazilian police said that when they found him he was using the same internet cafe not monthly, but DAILY–

John Alite did say in his speech at The Mob Museum that “When Interpol caught me it was down the block from this gym because they knew I was always in the gym every day.”

Something they must have found out because like the master criminal he was he probably bragged about it in all those emails he was sending home for ten months straight.

Why didn’t George Anastasia include that in their book?

After all, he said he read the transcripts and court documents which Alite confirmed during his speech at The Mob Museum when he stated: “he didn’t take my word for anything, he checked.”

NOTE: What George Anastasia did write in their book which John Alite expanded on in his interviews/appearances was that he was buying fake passports in various countries while he was “on the run.” Gotti’s Rules even says on page 51 that he had “eight different identities.”

However: In his 4/5/16 speech at the Radnor Memorial Library George Anastasia only said that “at one point he had four passports.”

Regardless, records and sources indicate that when he was arrested in Rio he was really in the country under his own name on an expired tourist visa, and, if he really was a big-shot, master criminal hiding from Interpol? Would he have really needed to risk arrest by buying four or eight fake passports in various countries?

Wouldn’t he have already had them while he was still in the United States?

If George Anastasia took the time to check the transcripts and court documents like they claim he would have found the following without having to make the trek to Brazil:

1- Alite said in their book that he did not decide to cooperate until sometime in 2007, a few months after he was extradited, but, Alite later sued and received a $275,000 refund from his Florida-based attorney Howard Srebnick who was representing him when he was imprisoned in Brazil for “ineffective assistance of counsel.” Specifically: for not getting him a deal to testify for the FBI sooner, while he was still imprisoned in Brazil. For not making Alite an official RAT when Alite wanted.

2- While Alite was locked up in Brazil he sent a letter to people in the United States threatening to rat them out, to even put them on MURDERS if they didn’t send him money in Brazil. Entered into public evidence at the Gotti and Carneglia trials, you can read, print or download it here: Alite, John 3506-192.pdf


3- In 2006 while talking to attorney Joseph Corozzo and his private investigator Larry Frost in recorded phone conversations to help alleged Gambino captain Ronald “Ronnie One-Arm” Trucchio beat his racketeering case in Tampa, Florida Alite admitted to being a longtime informant and having a relationship with FBI Agent Jason Randazzo.

NOTE: There is no mention of Randazzo in their book even though a letter (Alite, John 3506-191) that he wrote to an associate in the U.S. from prison in Brazil was entered into public evidence at the Gotti trial where Alite described discussing Gambino family business with Randazzo (which only an informant would do). But, this was no ordinary letter, in it he even mentioned how he was so close to Agent Randazzo that he offered for Alite to come live with him when Alite thought he was going to be killed in the 1990s, something Alite even admitted to on the witness stand when he was cross-examined over it:



Why didn’t George Anastasia include any of that in their book?

And when he quoted his source and friend, former Philadelphia FBI Agent David Gentile (pages 249-250) how come he did not include that Gentile was a longtime handler of Alite’s, most likely since the early 1990s and left out what Gentile said in a late 2015 interview with John Ricciutti:

“When he went on the run, uh, when he became a fugitive, uh, and he was in South America, he called me many times, asking for advice. I’d like to think and I think John would tell you that I helped save his life.”

Because: The only kind of big-shot international mobster “on the run” who would call an FBI Agent asking for advice is one who was already an informant, not one who decided to turn only after he was extradited.

Read more about all of that here: John Alite: Informant Since 1991.

NOTE: John Alite’s biggest lie– at least the one he said is the reason he decided to cooperate– the justification for it– were that his “bosses,” John A. Gotti and Ronnie Trucchio ratted him out first, while Alite was locked up in Brazil…

Which makes no sense because:

1) They were not his bosses between 2004-2006 while Alite was locked up in Brazil as he was “chased” from the Gambino family in 1991 and no longer an associate after that point.

2) Between 2005-2006 while Alite was locked up in Brazil Gotti fought three straight racketeering trials and Trucchio was convicted in two separate racketeering trials and is now serving life plus 20 years.

In addition, Gotti also beat a tax prosecution in 2007, after Alite was extradited, and if Gotti was ratting out John Alite (or anyone else) then why did Alite, as the star witness get Gotti indicted for multiple murders based on his lies in 2008 for which he was facing the death penalty?

If Gotti was a turncoat then why did Alite testify against him in 2009, trying to put him away for life?

Well, John Alite now says that when he was imprisoned in Brazil he received paperwork– an FBI-302 memo– released by Gotti’s attorney Charles Carnesi indicating that Gotti gave information to the FBI.

However: John Alite not only left that out of his debriefings with the FBI but also his trial testimony (and his book) which he would not have done if it was true because it would have been grounds for a reversal of conviction had the defense found out after the fact that Gotti’s lawyer, as John Alite says, “gave him up.”

Read more here: John Alite Did Not Get The 302 In Brazil

And at that link watch a television interview George Anastasia did with Alite, side by side, where he did not call Alite out on this obvious lie when he brought it up but instead put his head down because George Anastasia is not interested in the truth.

But if George Anastasia was interested in the truth?

He would have pulled the over 1,000 pages of Brazil files just like John A. Gotti did which according to a college educated translator state:

1) Isabella Franklin Cataldo filed a child support lawsuit against John Alite in Brazil on June 22nd, 2006. Guilherme was born on July 10th, 2005.

2) On April 19, 2006 John Alite had a notary come to Ary Franco where he authorized his ex-cellmate, Marcos Costa Rosa da Silva Pinto, who had been released, to have Power of Attorney over funds wired from the United States which would be used to help Alite buy real estate and other assets in Brazil to in effect make him “a citizen” to help Alite avoid extradition.

3) On August 12th, 2006 John Alite pulled a rat move and filed an assault charge against prison guard Luis de Azevedo (AKA “Tomaz”) who he said gave him the black eye in the picture below. The medical examination took place on August 14th.

4) In addition to pressing charges Alite, the super-tough guy also complained to the Brazilian press (just like he complained to the press in New York in May, 2015 that he was being cyber-bullied by the Gotti family).

5) In his Brazil paternity documents Alite’s profession had been listed as entrepreneur, but in a March 29, 2005 document concerning Alite’s judicial questioning by the Brazilian government it was listed as boxing fighter. However, in his assault complaint John Alite said he was… Mathematician?

6) Alite, fearing for his life after filing charges and talking to the press had his lawyer request his transfer out of Ary Franco to Campo Grande, a minimum security facility.

7) John Alite’s request for transfer was approved on November 24th, 2006, but– to Bangu II, a harsh, chopping block of a prison which terrified Alite and had his lawyers file a new motion saying that it was filled with gangs and thereby very dangerous for foreigners and that he was being sent there as punishment by the guards for talking to the press and filing complaints (being a rat).

8) On November 27th, 2006 Alite was transferred to Bangu III B and checked into protective custody/solitary confinement, a cell with no shower or bed where he slept on the floor while his lawyers now requested that if he could not be sent to Campo Grande that he be transferred to the foreigner section of Bangu or just back to Ary Franco.

9) On November 29th, 2006 Alite got his wish.

10) On December 5th, 2006 Alite arrived in Campo Grande, a very easy, low-security facility to do time.

11) On December 22nd, 2006 John Alite, who was fighting extradition but had been calling home and trying to get a deal to testify for the FBI as a back-up plan was extradited to the U.S. on a private jet, escorted by FBI agents where he told them he wanted to testify, in the air, and not months later like he said in his book. According to reports he told them that he had been trying to reach out to the New York FBI office through his Florida lawyer Howard Srebnick but that he was told they did not want his help as a prosecution witness and had no intention of putting him on a stand. Agent Bradley, one of the agents on the plane, apparently said they couldn’t talk about it there and that they’d discuss it later.

But what do our sources say who were actually there with Alite in Brazil?

1- Regarding the paternity lawsuit:

That it was a scam. That Cataldo, who was possibly underage when she met Alite at the Rio strip club Barbarella where she allegedly worked– and our sources say that the majority of the girls who worked there also worked as prostitutes–

That while she had relations with Alite? She also did with other men, and it’s unlikely she would have known 100% the child was his. In fact, our sources said that they did not believe the child was Alite’s but that she said it was at his request to help Alite avoid extradition because he was paying her.

Our sources and the paperwork suggest that Alite was trying to get married in Brazil, have a child and buy some property, a business and a car in Rio to become “a citizen” so he would not be extradited back to the United States… but that when Alite did not have a child with his “girlfriend” Rose who he mentioned in his book, he tried the scam with Cataldo.

NOTE: While Alite’s book says Rose was a teacher, our sources say that when Alite met Rose she was still “working” at Barbarella, and that after she became his girlfriend she stepped back and only worked as a hostess there. Sources say that sometime after Alite was already in jail was when she became a kindergarten teacher.

This is still being researched and the information will be updated accordingly, but, it should be noted that Alite was quoted saying on page 259 of his book that he knew “Every prostitute in the Copacabana district” (where Barbarella is located)… and that in the building where he lived ‘most of the other tenants were working girls.’

But, our sources say that he dated plenty of “working girls” in Copacabana, which was filled with them, and he was paying them for their services and trying to act like Mr. Big Shot, parading around with prostitutes whose affections were purchased.

NOTE: John Alite was recorded saying in a January 1, 2007 phone call from jail in the United States to his ex-cellmate Marcos, right after he was extradited, not to throw Rose out of the apartment she was living in. To wait a while before he did it, but to also tell Rose to answer his phone calls.

Did she lose interest in him now that he was out of the country and could no longer pay her? Because our sources say that she saw him as a rich gringo– the dollar goes far in Brazil– but that after he was extradited he was no longer of use to her.

Regardless, Anastasia said in his book that Alite was living well in Brazil. So well that on page 260 he wrote that before he was arrested he would walk nonchalantly through Rio wearing an “eighty-thousand-dollar, diamond-encrusted Rolex watch” and didn’t worry about being robbed by the poor, dangerous, hungry street kids there because he bought them food.

He was generous to them, a real Robin Hood type figure.

“I never got bothered. They knew me,” Alite said.

NOTE: Our sources, including his mother, also say that before Alite took off in 2003 he robbed his own children back in the United States, various members of his family and let some of them go on Welfare as he went on, as Anastasia claims, to romance women in different countries across the world, live on beaches and buy sandwiches for strange kids in Brazil.

What about John Alite’s own kids in the United States?

And why didn’t John Alite mention the child support lawsuit in his book, debriefings, trial testimony, and all of his interviews and rants on Facebook where he claims to be a good father? Is there a chance the kid is really his and he doesn’t want people thinking he left a child behind in Brazil? Would that shatter his whole anti-bullying/changed man routine?

2- The assault by the guard.


Our sources, including Marcos, John Alite’s ex-cellmate at Ary Franco, say this was a scam as well. That the “assault” never happened, the complaint was forged and accompanied the bribe he paid to get transferred to the much more comfortable Campo Grande where he would continue to fight extradition from… and, where the security was much lower and he would have a chance to escape in case things didn’t pan out. That the complaint helped justify the transfer.


But while Gotti’s Rules says on page 301 that the bribe was $40,000 Marcos says that all together it may have added up to $80,000 (again, while his children went on Welfare). The warden had to be paid off in addition to the police, the guards doing the transport, the doctor doing the medical report, including the lawyer helping to string it all together.

Either way, the differences between the assault complaint filed in Brazil and Alite’s story of being assaulted by the guard(s) in his testimony, book and interviews should also be noted because according to our translator John Alite only said in his prison complaint that he was punched in the eye, by a single guard, resulting in a black eye.

Yet in his testimony, book and interviews Alite said he was pistol-whipped and or gun-butted with a rifle (the accounts vary, sometimes even saying that this happened during a riot and or in a fight with multiple guards and that his teeth were knocked out).

Like in his testimony at the Carneglia trial (Cross, 3563) where he said his teeth were knocked out when he was pistol-whipped:

But in his book on page 297 when recounting the story he said his teeth were shattered with the butt of a rifle:

‘one of them threw a bag of cocaine on Camilo’s bed and another guard “discovered” the contraband. As they moved to take Camilo into custody, Alite jumped in front and punched the guard. In return, he took a rifle butt to the face. Several of his front teeth were shattered. In the fight that followed, he pummeled one of the guards and took the rifle away from another.’

But, according to our translator, in addition to Marcos, in his Brazil statement Alite never said that he hit any guards like he did in his book and never spoke about any guards pistol-whipping or rifle-butting him.

Only that when the guard threatened Camilo Alite said he would protect him, so, the guard pushed Alite and punched him in the eye after which other guards restrained him. Alite said he and Camilo were then moved to a detention cell and that it was not cocaine, but instead, marijuana that a guard “found” on Camilo’s bed so it could be written up… After which Alite and Camilo were moved back to their cell where Alite alleged that they were threatened by the guards with getting beat up, and, after getting a look at his information Alite said the guard who punched him had his address and threatened to kill his family.

Which, makes no sense, because, John Alite had no family in Brazil. Was the guard going to travel all the way up to sunny New Jersey?

Nothing about taking a rifle from a guard or his teeth being shattered or damaged is in Alite’s complaint and it seems they were still in one piece in the picture in his complaint dated 8/14/2006 above, unlike the following picture that was taken later on:


And, aside from asking in what prisons do guards walk the units with pistols or rifles anyway? Because, what if the inmates really did take a rifle from them, like Alite alleged in his book? You’d have anarchy. Prison guards do not patrol prison units with rifles and handguns.

It has to be asked, exactly how did John Alite get his teeth knocked out if it wasn’t during the “assault” by the guard?

Is John Alite hiding how he really lost them?

3- The lawsuit against his cellmate.

On March 6, 2008 John Alite filed a lawsuit in Brazil from the comforts of Witness Protection in the United States against Marcos Costa Rosa da Silva Pinto for $600,000.

Alite alleged in the suit that he met Marcos in prison at Ary Franco, they became cellmates and after Marcos was released he came back to visit Alite many times and gained his trust… and that Alite had his sister send Marcos $600,000 which Alite “earned” from a lawsuit he won against an ex-business partner in the United States.

NOTE: John Alite said on Facebook that people who file lawsuits are rats, so, does that mean he was admitting he was a rat prior to his extradition? Prior even to his going “on the run” in 2003, when he filed the lawsuit in the United States?

Read more here: John Alite: Informant Since 1991.

According to our translator John Alite’s lawsuit in Brazil says the Power of Attorney signed on 4/19/2006 gave Marcos the ability to manage the money, buy and sell real estate and perform other acts on Alite’s behalf.

Long story short: Alite claims Marcos robbed him of the $600,000 and as recent as March, 2015 Alite filed papers in Brazil saying that he has not been able to locate Marcos since at least August 25, 2008 (and he only had a location on him in 2008 since Marcos was convicted of “the crime of association” in regards to drug trafficking as Alite had lost contact with him after he was extradited and was searching for him since). But even though Alite’s lawsuit against Marcos was officially judged defunct/extinct on March 4, 2015 as the court said Alite did not take the proper steps to locate Pinto, Alite appealed the court’s decision on March 17, 2015.

HOWEVER: This website believes that Alite lied through his teeth in the lawsuit and also about Marcos in the stories he told about him in his book.


Forget that Alite says he wired $600,000 to Brazil but let his children go on Welfare in the United States as that does not do much to help Alite’s credibility. What hurts it even more is that George Anastasia wrote on page 300 of their book that in late November, 2006 “Marco was holding more than six hundred thousand dollars of Alite’s money at the time.”

But, during the trials where he testified? Alite did not say it was $600,000 (or more) that he sent to Marcos in Brazil. In his February 24, 2009 testimony at the Charles Carneglia trial he repeatedly said it was only $550,000:

Direct, 3529:


Cross, 3560:


Cross, 3567:


However: in a late 2015 interview with John Ricciutti John Alite increased the amount to $750,000 that he sent to Marcos in Brazil:

John Alite: “I lost three quarters of a million, uh, I sent to a friend of mine there who sent paperwork back to the United States government to try to get me the death sentence so I couldn’t come back for my three quarters of a million. Uh, I had attorneys in the States at the time.”

John Ricciutti: “Does he still owe you that, that 750?”

John Alite: “If you ask him, I don’t know I can’t find him. Yeah he owes it to me.”

But even though John Alite claims he searched for Marcos for years and couldn’t find him, this website did, and recently John Alite was alerted that we were in touch and flipped out.

Five days ago he posted the following picture and rant on his Facebook page, which is private– because he doesn’t want people like me showing up to ask questions and alert his followers that he’s a fraud– and said that the amount of money was now “about 3/4 of a million dollars”:



But before getting into the money, let’s address some of the outrageous lies Alite posted in the above Facebook rant.

1- He claims Marcos was an international DEA informant, but provides no proof of this. Yet, even if that was true? Then what was Alite doing hanging out with him in a prison of all places and why would he trust an informant with, as he claims, “about 3/4 of a million dollars?” Especially when he claims that Marcos “is a drug addict a guy who was locked up for writing fake checks and con man.”


2- While he didn’t mention it in his lawsuit– because it was a criminal act that he can’t legally sue over– John Alite claimed here and in his book that the money was to help break him out of prison. So, he’s saying he sent money to an international con man to break him out of prison, but then the con man robbed him, so, he sued him over this and is complaining about it?

3- John Alite alleged that Marcos “never even helped his children and abandoned them.” Where does he get the balls to say that when he’s openly admitted that he abandoned his children in the United States and sent all the money he had to Brazil to help himself while they went on Welfare?

PS: His brother Jimmy was also and is still battling cancer.

4- Where is this “paperwork” that Alite claimed Marcos “sent to the United States government to try to get” John Alite “the death sentence?” When did he send it and how did he send it and how come we’ve never heard of it previous to the John Ricciutti interview?Because if that was even remotely true it probably would have come up when John Alite testified and it definitely would have shown up in the discovery materials of the indictments where John Alite was going to be a witness… But: It Didn’t.

5- Why did John Alite claim in his Facebook post that he saved Marcos from being gang raped by the Third Command, a drug gang, when on page 290 of his book Alite said that he saved Marcos from being raped by “two guards?”

Because, forget that a contradiction like that immediately clears Marcos of this as that’s not something John Alite would have mixed up and shows that he’s lying about it in his continuing effort to portray himself as “a good bad guy” who protects those weaker than him…

It also raises a separate question:

Since John Alite is always accusing others of things he did or is currently doing, is it possible that Marcos was never going to be raped, and that it was he who helped Alite, not the other way around? Could it be that it was John Alite who was really raped?

What we know is this: George Anastasia has said that he trusts Alite because he read the transcripts of the trials where he testified, however, in those same transcripts Alite admitted under oath that when he called his friends who had become adversaries rapists in letters and phone calls from Brazil, he lied about it, to his lawyer even.

Carneglia (Cross, 3573-74):



So why would George Anastasia take Alite’s word about him saving someone from being raped in Brazil?

Should George Anastasia have asked if it was really John Alite who was raped in Brazil?

Before answering that, let’s go back to Marcos.

In interviews for this website he denied robbing Alite and said that if he wanted to he would have done so and it would have been easy.

Marcos said that the amount of money sent to Brazil was nowhere near $750,000 or even $550,000, but, after an initial $300,000 was wired? Marcos says that he could have taken off if he really wanted to, and he didn’t. He also said that he could have killed John Alite to make sure he couldn’t chase him for the money after and no one would have cared.

How could he have done it?

Marcos says that the money was sent to improve Alite’s living conditions in the prison there and to purchase assets for him on the outside including: a down payment on an apartment and a car for his “girlfriend” (in addition to eventually buying a gas station or some kind of business, which they never got around to). This was all to help make Alite “a citizen” so he would not be extradited.

But inside the prison, Marcos said that he routinely brought Alite McDonald’s, pizza and Chinese food and it would have been simple to poison his food and nobody would have cared. He was an American, not even a local and there would have been no investigation, especially since he was routinely trying to convince the other inmates that he was a big Gambino hitman from New York who killed all kinds of people.

So, who would have cared if this time around it was he who got killed?

Marcos says that John Alite was dropping the John Gotti name all over Ary Franco. That it was his ticket to fame. That he repeatedly told the inmates he was a Gambino hitman, but, that while some of the younger inmates believed him, as he was spending cash in there? The older heads laughed at him. That when they asked Alite how he could have been a hitman for the Italian mob when he was Albanian, Alite could not give them a credible answer and every time they asked him his wild stories kept changing.

Mostly, Marcos said, the older, more respected inmates found him amusing. But, being that Alite was suspected of being gay– Marcos said that Alite would get massages from men and “compliment” inmates on their physiques, in a homosexual kind of way– not that there’s anything wrong with that– but he said Alite was regularly telling people how to take care of their skin, how to make their muscles bulge more, etc. Combined with him constantly singing these wild tales of being John Gotti’s hitman, the older inmates started referring to him as “George Mike” after the gay singer George Michael.

But, Marcos stated that he did not care about Alite’s sexual orientation, nor did anyone else. It wasn’t a problem.

However, Marcos did tell me that Alite told the inmates the tattoo of the cross on his neck was inked on him because he’d killed someone in prison in the United States. It was symbolic. But when I inquired about this with a source in the United States I was told that the tattoo was really to cover up the name of an ex-girlfriend.

Either way, Marcos re-iterated that he did not rob Alite. “The money went quick,” he said. “It always goes quick. But, looking back now, though, maybe I should have robbed him. But, at that time, I couldn’t. He was my friend. My amigo gringo.”

Marcos says that he made sure Alite was comfortable in Ary Franco. That Alite had an MP3 player, video games, DVD’s, visits from prostitutes, conjugal visits with his “girlfriend” Rose who also brought him food, and even his own cellphone which he used constantly. But while Marcos says Alite’s cellphone probably cost around $4,000– and that he bought more than one while he was in Ary Franco– he remembers Alite’s monthly phone bills sometimes topping $4,000 a month in overseas calls also and sources in the United States confirm that he was constantly calling overseas.

Alite also said in his book that when he arrived in Campo Grande– while his family starved in the U.S.– in addition to paying $1,000 for a conjugal with Rose, he also spent “another ten thousand for a private cell on the third floor and ten thousand more to have a hole cut in the wall and an air conditioning unit installed.”

For all the work he did on Alite’s behalf, though, facilitating all of these bribes, paying his attorney and everything else, Marcos says that one day he got a call from Alite who told him to come see him, while he was still at Ary Franco. That Alite said he got him a nice thank you gift, a Rolex watch!

Marcos said that he was so thrilled he even called a friend to brag about it. But when he got back home with the beautiful timepiece, and wore it in the shower? Water got inside of it and he realized that it was a fake.

George Anastasia wrote in Gotti’s Rules that Marcos ‘effectively disappeared’ with around $600,000 of Alite’s money after he got to Campo Grande, but, that is a lie also.

There are a series of recorded phone calls Alite made from jail in the United States after he was extradited where he calls someone– his father, for instance– who called Marcos in Brazil via 3-way calls. In one on January 1, 2007 he referred to Marcos as his brother, and Marcos responded equally, so they were obviously still in touch and on good terms and there was no indication that Marcos robbed him.

However, Marcos said that after he realized Alite was an informant, he stopped taking his calls in about late January or February, 2007.

Before that happened, though, while Alite was still in Brazil?

He told Marcos that more money would be sent down in the future. Marcos had to pay taxes on the money Alite’s sister sent him and was told Alite would give him the money to pay them out of the future stash, but, it never came. In the end Marcos says Alite left him holding the bag and in debt to the Brazilian government.

But, Marcos didn’t just end up in trouble over taxes, he also claims that he was kidnapped because people thought he was holding a large chunk of Alite’s money, which he claims he was not. He says that only crumbs were left when Alite was extradited, as he had just paid a huge bribe to get transferred to Campo Grande and get a good cell there, and, we will touch on that in future installments of The Brazil Files. But, for now we will close this section with the following: if Marcos had really robbed Alite for $750,000, $600,000, $550,000, or even just $300,000, would he be coming forward publicly? I doubt it. He’d probably be on a beach somewhere reading Alite’s book and laughing at him. Instead he’s come forward to clear his name.

All the evidence this website has seen indicates that Marcos did not rob him blind, but that he was trying to do the right thing by Alite. That he was hoping Alite would not be extradited and they would buy that gas station or some kind of business together in Brazil. But instead Alite turned around and told outright, egregious lies about him in his book, from the witness stand, in a bogus lawsuit and now on social media.

It is this website’s belief that when Alite was sitting in prison in Brazil, he planned that if he was extradited, he was suing Marcos regardless of whether he robbed him or not. To get back every dollar he could that Marcos spent making sure Alite was comfortable in Brazil… again, while his kids starved in the United States.

Back to the story about John Alite getting raped in prison in Brazil.

Where did it originate?

Well, John Alite has told all kinds of stories about the prison conditions in Brazil.

Like in his February, 2016 appearance on Crime Watch Daily where he said: “In Brazil, you’re tortured. I was tied up, I was beat up, I was chained up.”

In fact, in his February, 2015 appearance on The Mike Calta Show he called Ary Franco “a concentration camp… the worst of the worst of any country… it’s well documented.”

Similar to his September, 2015 speech at The Mob Museum where he also compared Ary Franco to “concentration camps.” Pointing to a picture of him and other inmates on a projector, he said, at 46:19, “They, they look like they’re all in concentration camps, because we were. They would tie us up, they would beat us, they’d put us out in the sun at 107, 106 degrees, naked. And, we would sit there all day. When they felt like bringing us in they’d bring us in. And, that was the life for me for a little over two years in Brazil penitentiaries.”

NOTE: Just one minute earlier at 45:36 in his speech he lied that he actually spent two and half years in Brazil penitentiaries.

NOTE: During his testimony at the Carneglia trial Alite also referred to Ary Franco as a concentration camp:

Direct, 3526-27:


Cross, 3553:

Yet Marcos and other people this website has spoken to who were with John Alite in prison in Brazil tell a different story completely and so do the pictures he used in his presentation at The Mob Museum where he and the other inmates are smiling on camera.

At what concentration camp are people smiling (and giving their thumbs up) on camera? And at what concentration camps do the inmates even have cameras?



But then there is his book.

While Gotti’s Rules did not make Ary Franco out to be a paradise, it also did not make it seem like a “concentration camp.” Because while Chapter 19 said that bribed guards would smuggle in “beer, and wine, and hard liquor,” it also said that “on occasion, when things lined up right, some friendly guards would smuggle a few prostitutes into the unit for a party.”

At what “concentration camp” are you allowed to buy prostitutes and have parties with them?

Especially since Marcos and our other sources indicate that the guards did not bring in prostitutes “on occasion” but instead, almost daily, whenever the inmates wanted them, and that they even had conjugal visits with their wives. That the prisoners had the run of the place and it was extremely easy time to do and the inmates even had regular barbecues. That they did not eat bug and mice infested rice and beans out of buckets, as John Alite has claimed, but that they were getting regular deliveries of pizza, McDonald’s and anything else they wanted while they played video games and watched TV.

NOTE: Marcos also says that Alite had a preference for Chinese food.

Has this been confirmed by anyone outside of Brazil, who did time in the United States and could compare the conditions?

Yes. Marcos, for one. While he acknowledges that there are some terrible, horrific prisons in Brazil, he states that Ary Franco is not one of them. That aside from the occasional dispute among inmates, for the most part everyone got along. That there was a sense of camaraderie. However, he also spent several years in prisons in the United States, including Allenwood, one of the same federal prisons that Alite was in and said that time was much more difficult, specifically, because they could not get prostitutes and conjugal visits there, among other amenities.

NOTE: Marcos was in the low security section of Allenwood, not the penitentiary, and says that Ary Franco was still a cake walk compared to it.

But then there is also James V. “Jimmy” Cadicamo: a former associate of Alite’s who grew up in Howard Beach, Queens and later became a nightclub owner in Tampa, Florida who was indicted in 2008 with John A. Gotti and John Burke on racketeering charges and was facing forty years.

Several others were arrested with them also however they became cooperators. But, being that John Alite was the main rat on their case, and everyone knew him to be a pathological liar, Ary Franco and Alite’s conditions there became a topic of discussion among the defendants and defense lawyers.

NOTE: Alite has repeated in various interviews that Cadicamo went into “suicide watch” after their arrest but Alite has presented no proof of this. According to the records everyone in the indictment was separated from one another and held in solitary confinement and or put through diesel therapy in attempts to make them cooperate like Alite did, but, Cadicamo did not. He was a man.

So, why would Alite insult Cadicamo and say he was in suicide watch?

Because he gets revenge on people by lying about them, that’s what he does.

But, again, this is just one more instance where John Alite can’t keep his lies straight. Because while he said during his March, 2015 appearance on One on One with Steve Adubato that Cadicamo went “into suicide watch for six weeks,” the month before in February, 2015 he said on The Mike Calta Show that as “soon as he went to prison, he went to suicide watch for two months.” However, the month before that? He said on Facebook that he only went into suicide watch “For over the first month“–


Again: Jimmy Cadicamo was a man, and John Alite became an informant.

However: Jimmy Cadicamo was also a friend. Not only did he repeatedly send Alite money while he was “on the run”– and why would he need people to send him money if he was such a big shot? Jimmy Cadicamo even went to personally visit John Alite while he was in prison in Brazil to see how he was doing, and, reportedly gave him around $40,000 to help him improve his living conditions at Ary Franco– aside from the money he’d sent Alite while he was “on the run.”

After their 2008 indictment Jimmy Cadicamo told the lawyers that when he went to visit John Alite in prison in Brazil it was actually Marcos that met him and a friend at the Sheraton hotel and brought them to Ary Franco. But, while Marcos told this website that Alite asked him to lie to Cadicamo and the other visitor, Frankie Celi, that came to Brazil with him– that Alite asked him to lie that the conditions were horrific, to garner sympathy and get Cadicamo to send Alite more money in Brazil–

Cadicamo still said that Ary Franco was incredibly lax and made no mention of any “concentration camps.” He insisted that it was comparable to a low security prison in the United States and that Alite was even allowed to go “around the glass” and sat in the same visiting room with them. He also said it was right near the entrance of the prison that any crafty inmate with enough money to bribe the guards could have walked right out of.

Cadicamo said that while the prison was “dirty,” it was also extremely easy-going, and that unlike in the United States where they run a background check on you to see if you have any outstanding warrants when you visit someone in prison the security was so low at Ary Franco that all someone had to do when they checked in was sign their name in “a book.”

However: Cadicamo also said that on his visit he realized Alite was an informant.

He said that Alite had paperwork that he’d compiled himself with all kinds of people’s names and lists of the alleged crimes they’d committed in addition to all kinds of lies about them. Cadicamo said it was like Alite was already working on his own FBI-302 debriefings. He had all kinds of notes on people that he could hand over to the Feds to get them indicted.

After seeing this paperwork Cadicamo said he cut his trip short, went back to the United States and stopped sending John Alite money.

It should be noted though that George Anastasia should be aware of these “notes” as they came up in the trials where Alite testified. He was asked about writing them, about telling outright lies about people on them and accusing individuals of being rapists, etc., but, Alite admitted on the stand that he was desperate and willing to say anything about anyone to get out of prison and lied about them, that he even lied to his own lawyers about them.

Carneglia (Cross, 3573-74):



Why didn’t George Anastasia include that in their book?

And why did George Anastasia still take Alite “at his word” when he made new insults about people in their book of lies?

Read more: John Alite Says His Friends Raped And Killed Girls

NOTE: When I began interviewing Marcos he brought these notes up on his own. I did not ask him about them. But he told me Alite was writing all these notes about people and it made him very uncomfortable. He also said that at one point he asked Marcos to threaten John A. Gotti for him in the United States. To call him and demand that he send Alite $3 million dollars or he was going to talk and put him on murders (similar to the letter above that Alite sent threatening to rat people out for murders if they didn’t send him $400,000).

Marcos refused to do it, but, said that Alite swore he wasn’t really going to snitch, he was just trying to extort people. Later, after Alite was extradited and he told Marcos over the phone that he was working a deal to help get him back into the United States also– Marcos had been deported– Marcos said that he realized Alite really was a snitch and stopped taking his calls. He realized that Alite was making a cooperation deal, because, how else would he get Marcos back into the United States?

Marcos did not want to be part of his cooperation deal.

However, Marcos wasn’t the only one Alite tried to get to join Team America with him.

In 2010 James V. Cadicamo plead guilty to racketeering, received almost nine years and served seven years and eight months. But, after Alite was extradited in 2007? He said that Alite called him from jail in the U.S. and asked him to cooperate also. To in effect, help him lie about others and convict them, namely, John A. Gotti.

Cadicamo said he laughed and hung up on Alite, but, just before he was indicted in 2008? Alite, knowing he was going to be arrested and in a tough spot served him with a lawsuit and tried to take his Tampa nightclub, Club Mirage.

Jimmy Cadicamo said that Alite figured he wouldn’t be able to fight the case and purposely served him right before his arrest to throw him off balance, telling his lawyers that when they won, as payment, he’d give them a piece of the nightclub. But in the end Alite’s attorneys dropped the case as it was a frivolous lawsuit and he had no paperwork proving that he was an owner in Club Mirage. Apparently, they’d taken the case on Alite’s word and then realized that he scammed them (because that’s what John Alite does– he lies to people).

Which raises the question: Did John Alite scam his lawyer in Brazil also to get him to file a frivolous lawsuit against Marcos?

All this website knows is that before all of this, after Cadicamo got indicted with Gotti and the others in 2008, Cadicamo told their defense lawyers that when he went to visit Alite in Brazil one of the guards was laughing and told him privately that Alite had been sexually assaulted.

Why didn’t this come up at trial under cross-examination?

John A. Gotti said that his defense team wanted to bring it up and question Alite over it to get to the truth and show the jury that Alite was willing to do and say anything to avoid incarceration, but, that he did not permit them to as Alite had children and didn’t want them to be embarrassed by this indirectly.

After Alite published his book full of lies, however, and began harassing and defaming multiple people over the internet and in his interviews, even alleging that some of them were rapists, he crossed several lines too many. Especially since some of the people Alite attacked were Gotti’s children, and his sisters, and their children as well, in addition to other people’s siblings and parents and children as well as individuals serving life sentences in federal prisons who can’t defend themselves.

In the spring of 2015 multiple people including myself began questioning Alite publicly on social media (and then during a podcast) about whether or not he was raped especially since one source said that from prison, in his attempt to gain sympathy, Alite even cried to his mother over the phone that he was sexually assaulted. The only problem though is that when John Alite, the Albanian superhero was asked multiple times over the internet and during that podcast if he was raped in prison in Brazil?

He never denied it.

Why would he not deny that?

If he was not raped, wouldn’t he say so? Wouldn’t he deny it? Especially since he swore in his book that he was such a bad-ass in prison in Brazil that while he was buck naked in solitary confinement he removed a knife that he’d hidden in his rectal cavity and used it to stab and slash two inmates with its “blade of five or six inches that had been sharpened on stone” (and then implied in an interview that he actually killed one of those guys that he stabbed in prison in Brazil)?

Well, forget wondering what happened to John Alite in his life that made him physically capable of stashing a knife with a five or six inch blade in his asshole in Brazil.

Because, you don’t have to wonder.

And: not just because John Alite has come out as bi-sexual on social media.

While Marcos said that there was no way John Alite was raped in Ary Franco while he was there, if he was raped, it’s possible it could have happened after he was released, or maybe even when John Alite was transferred to Bangu, as George Anastasia did write on page 301 of their book that after he arrived there:

Alite was greeted by a warden and several guards who stripped him and administered a beating.

Perhaps Alite just took the real story of what happened and warped it for their book?

Of course, that would mean that if he was not raped in Ary Franco… well, since Alite asked Marcos to lie for him about the conditions to his visitors, it’s not hard to believe that Alite paid a guard to tell Cadicamo that he was raped also.

But again, Alite was asked numerous times if he was raped… and he never denied it.


While this website does not know exactly what happened, something must have happened, because on April 22, 2015 John Alite started Facebook messaging Frank Gotti Albano, the son of John A. Gotti’s sister Angel. He began taunting him, insulting him, disrespecting and disparaging his family, even saying that they didn’t have the balls to meet him in person.

So, naturally, Frank asked the obvious question: Was John Alite raped in Brazil?

And… John Alite seemed to admit it:


John Alite, would you like to tell the world in your own words what really happened in Brazil?



  • Gaetano Fraducci

    BS. If Alite was an informant prior to the Florida case when he was on the run then how come he filed a lawsuit and won the case against an attorney in FL. Who was found guilty of not adequately representing him because when he was in Brasil he wanted to get in contact with agents to testify and cooperate yet his attorney didnt follow through and make any phone calls and declined Alite saying the Feds in NYC & FL were not interested jn speaking with him.

    If Alite was a known cooperator who had a history of cooperating prior to his Brasil arrest, then the minute he was picked up by Interpol his handlers (agents he was cooperating with) would have been in contact with Alite immediately and he would have never had to fight his attorney or file the lawsuit in that case. This website is full of BS and lies.

    And it is kind of sad his own brother Jimmy has now sided with the Gotti’s (who have been giving him monies to pay his medical bills and further commit lies and testimonies against his own brother John) because he is fighting with him over monies he is supposedly owed by John Alite for the speaking deals, books and other engagements and says he robbed him for millions of dollars through bad business deals that John didnt pay him his fair share of and made money without giving him any he felt entitled to. NOW! If John had given his brother money and cut him into his new business endeavors I GUARANTEE that Jimmy would not be on here talkin sh*t and bashing his brother and would be backing him up instead of backing up Gotti.

    Kasp, Junior and Jimmy can try and defame and spin their tales however they want but they got just as many inconsistencies and BS on tis site as they claim Alite and Anastasia made in his book. The only reason this site exists isbecause Junior is afraid that people are now believing Alite’s story and listening to him post trial (in which the jury thought he lied). Junior needs to say he is a liar because if everything he does claim is in fact the truth which the Feds and other agencies believed he was telling the truth, if another cooperator down the line decides to flip and cooberate Alites story well Junior would be in jeopardy of another murder trial and possible repeat of his past dealings in court.

    In a recent interview on another site (cosanostranews) Mikie Scars backs up Alite and says they in fact have a long history and dealings with each other and have alot of dirt on one another and he knows who Alite is and said he was speaking the truth as well. Now luckily for Junior, Scars did him a solid when he testified and didnt want to bury Junior and put him on murders and watch his friend doing life but he easily could have and says it multiple times on record that if he wanted to bury Junior he easily could have and he knows this fact too.

    So theres 3 sides to all these stories:
    And the Truth!

    Obviously Alites book touched a nerve with Junior and if he was such a bum and low level guy Junior is spending an awful lot of time trying to discredit him and going out of his way to get websites and articles like these to be published bashing him.

    • So I guess you’re saying this website touched a nerve with you and that’s why you wrote that?

      It’s not just about John vs. John.
      John Alite has hurt many, many people with his lies and behavior.

      PS- He was a confidential informant since at least 1991. He didn’t want to testify and he admitted under oath at the 2009 Gotti trial that he was meeting with agents through the 1990s.

      It’s all laid out here:

    • We want a no holds bar paper view fight new years eve between junior the dopey don and john the albanian pillow biter. To settle this once an for all.

  • Accept it, your gal pal #alite was born a fink, the record spells it out.

  • The Gotti’s aren’t giving me any money. I’m suing my brother because he cheated, manipulated, stole and lied. I told him this was going to happen. He lied way to many times and that has a way of catching up.

    • Gaetano Fraducci

      Jimmy you said on another interview they asked you if Junior gave you money for medical bills and you said he had helped you out???

  • Gaetano Fraducci

    Alite isnt my pal at all, i just dont respect you or Junior making a site trying to tear this dude up when Junior shouldnt be doing anything but relaxing and enjoying his life.

    Alite said he knew the agent and was friendly with him but that doesnt mean that he was cooperating and giving information. I know an agent I went to school with since 3rd grade I am friendly with and have family in common through marriage and knows me and what I am about and we have cordial conversations and enjoy each others company but nothing more than that is ever discussed, and if the time came where he was on a case to take me down I wouldnt expect anything less.

  • Gaetano Fraducci

    You have 0 proof showing he was an informant and I believe in my experience an informant and CI for decades as you claim would never have been left in Brazil and would have been extradited and brought back to the US very easily including the fact that you make no sense saying Alite wanted to fight extradition IMO proves this fact. If he was a rat and informant before he got to Brazil and knew he was gonna cooperate he wouldnt have to fight extradition and do all this shit to stay in Brazil because he knew he had Junior and could get off with a sweetheart deal like Sammy so comeon the shit u say is garbage and I can tell its more spin from Junior. So letd not forget noone cares what Alite did because he cooperated against Junior because street guys can give a shit after those 302’s came out and his dad would have wacked him out if he pulled that shit when he was alive, Junior conveniently waited to proffer after his death and all his uncles and family are doing decades in jail. He had to leave the mob cuz he got shelved its a known fact stop trying spin the shit. Its a joke and same BS you blame Alite you doing yourself.

  • Gaetano Fraducci

    At the end of the day these guys can go shot for shot all day online. 20 years ago one of would have gotten left in the streets mouth open. Now its 2 internet tough guys but this site is just one step way too far fromridiculousness. No street guy and credible guy goes out of his way to internet bash another guy. Junior has to live with himself for the proffer and shit he did in his life, he can hate Alite for what he did all he wants. How come he isnt saying anything about any of the other guys who cooperated against him like Mikie Scars and others? This site does more damage to his side than good is all im saying and makes him look weak and pathetic.

  • your pal gravano was a rat, however when he got caught dirty again, his gov pals didnt or couldnt help him, that argument dont fly. #alite the bi sexual is a lying pos, who was given a script and a target, he sold his soul, it didnt fly NO one believed him. were you at the famous shoot out on the farm??

  • I said they called my brother and he had ignored call, John Gotti Jr helped me. Should ask my brother why he cried and wanted me to get in touch with John Gotti Jr to begin with.

  • Hello! What big gangster is friends with an FBI agent? There are the videos where both Alite and Gentile are admitting they were friends since early 90’s. Chris you did an amazing job with this one!

  • Chris, put in for a position at 60 minutes, your work is Impeccable.

  • Fraudalucci John Gotti Jr does NOT run this website. This website was created because Alite is a pathological liar who slanders anyone who questions his lies! He attacks women and children he doesn’t care. He knows that I know he’s nothing but a liar but he still goes on social media attacking me for defending my family against a pathological liar! Twelve Jurors agree with me and there is NO denying it! He lies that I curse, threaten and bully his wives, kids and him. He never has proof but that doesn’t matter. This website is backed up with documented proof. My Brother is NOT on Facebook or even online but yet Alite posted IP address from Syossett saying it’s my Brother, even though my Brother doesn’t live in Syossett!!! There is a disclaimer on this website that anything that is proven wrong with documented third party evidence will be taken down, apologized for and replaced with third party documented evidence. I haven’t seen that happen yet!

  • You can’t argue facts!! I’ve seen for myself what’s he’s done to Angel Gotti and her family and complete strangers!! it’s disgusting and anyone that comes on here defending him or his behavior is as bad as him!!

  • Hey fraducci, first if Scars is saying now that he goes way back with Alite then he’s a damn liar. Scars testified 4 times and the first 3 never mentioned Alite’s name. The last trial is when suddenly Scars remembered there was someone named Alite. There were 3 trials no one pinned a murder or drugs on Gotti Jr until Alite was the star witness. Scars said he could not put murders or drugs on Gotti. Believe me Scars sat there on that stand 4 times and tried his best to send his “brother” away for life so GTFOH with your story.

  • “TANO” show us one shred of evidence, proof that JAG is on line posting or commenting? Scars tried and failed.

  • Gaetano Fraducci

    I never said Junior writes this site, but he is consigning it by letting it happen and giving information to the guy running the site or there wouldn’t be one. You guys can say Alite is a rat pos all you want, and he is that’s a fact. My issue is just the ridiculousness of this entire site, trying to defame and discredit a guy who was already discredited and exposed at Junior’s trial. So WTF is the point of having a site like this? Junior doesn’t need to come online and post and if I was him Inwouldnt say a thing either he doesn’t need to. Because that would open him up to the same scrutiny Alite is getting by the public. Junior can’t explain the 302’s so let’s look at that fact and his attempt to is pathetic. Just like big tough guys don’t have relationships with agents, well mob guys and guys in the Life don’t proffer for any reason. He said he left the life, I know he got shelved so say whatever you want. It was in his best interest too do so, because as he claims Gravano wasn’t tested and made out for jail neither was he and had a rude awakening when he saw what happened to his pops and couldn’t muscle himself winding up like that. He planned his defense he worked his strategy with that last videotaped conversation with his pops he knew what he was doing, and soon as his dad was gone (God bless him) he decided to try and proffer and cut a deal something his dad would have lost his fcking mind over and he knows that. Once he realized his proffer wasn’t gonna materialize as he says they couldn’t do anything without him, he did that because he would have had to testify to that. No one proffers for any other reason than trying to cut a deal. He knows exactly what he was doing, and soon as he realized the FEDS wouldn’t do shit unless they could get a Gotti to become a rat they didn’t care WTF he had to say because he wouldn’t take the stand. He still gave up information, no one in the streets give a fck if the info was true, not true or any other ridiculous reason, once you sit down with the FEDS and talk you are a rat and that’s it. That’s not a moment of weakness and a strategic move he claims he made, it was a rat move and he has to live with that when he looks in the mirror and no one else. Only difference is Alite took the stand told lies (Junior said he lied to them too) what’s the difference? To me there ain’t one including a lot of other guys.

    Listen I get it Alite may have lied about some things but not everything. And Scars said in multiple interviews he could have put Junior on murders and drugs but didn’t want to. I think Scars at one point maybe still does truly love and care for Junior but didn’t want him to do life and figured he would give up some info but not the deep shit that would bury him. He says this on record, and also says that Alite’s accounts of things are true but not all of it. I do not think that Alite is telling the truth about a lot of the murders he tried to put on Gotti, but the drug shit was definitely true and Scars backed it up before that trial and goes on record talking about money Junior took from guys in the drug business to turn his cheek. Junior admits he shook down drug dealers all over the Burroughs he calls it “protection money” or operation money. He lets them work as long as they pay and they continue to operate at certain bars, and areas and he admits this. You don’t need to sell drugs to be a dealer, it’s called a conspiracy which is all they tried to tie him too which he even admit he took money from these guys and was in that position too. Listen I respect anyone who tells the truth and is honest. I will admit I do believe Alite does fabricate a lot of shit and some of his stories are ridiculous to say the least. But at one point him and Junior were close and did do business together (that will stay between them because the truth may never come out completely). Scars knows exactly who Alite is and who he was, he wasn’t brought up during his first 3 trials because he had nothing to do with them and wasn’t an informant in those cases. Many trials and cases are fought using informants that don’t tell every angle because they are not important issues on what’s being tried or they simply hadn’t come to light at that time. Scars can’t go on record and testify about another guy who did work with Junior unless he was indicted with him or was another witness in the trial. (People need to understand how evidence and cases work and they would know this). Otherwise it is noting but hearsay and is inadmissible at court, Why would Scars need to talk about Alite in his first couple trials he testified in? He wouldn’t he wasn’t on trial for murders he was on trial for RICO case and conspiracies unrelated to the murders Alite later said he had a role in and was giving the pass to commit.

    Now everyone who knows the life and understands how shit works fully knows if your an associate, a soldier, a skipper whatever the case of your representing and flying the flag for the family you do not commit unsanctioned murders without getting clipped yourself. So you are gonna tell me guys who are paying protection to the family tell Junior and other guys in their crew that so and so is running his mouth about the family while dealing drugs and robbing guys/using muscle while saying the Gotti name, that he doesn’t get clipped for that? BS of course they do, guys got whacked out for a lot less than that. If Alite was going around killing guys and beating guys up and robbing people while being an associate of the family and wasn’t permitted to do so, he is gonna get clipped too. (Yes apparently he got shelved at some point or ran out whatever you want to call it) but how come he goes down to Florida with known Gambino guys and is making moves down there with them if he can’t work with anyone in the family? Florida is only a phone call away, and anyone using the name in Florida is gonna find out in NY, those two places are heavily intertwined in the Life on both coasts, and there are plenty of guys operating down there who would never speak to or let Alite shake and move with them had he been completely outcastes as Junior claims.

    And if Alite was run out of the Burroughs and put out on blast by Junior per his claims, then how the hell is
    he his uncle’s cellmate 7-8 years later at Allenwood, and is respected inside (I was in there with these guys for 3.5 years and I can tell you he was respected). Wouldn’t Gene have known about Alite being a cooperator and a mut while they were in there? He would have ordered a cell change in 2 seconds had that been the case and that shit would never have happened, nor would Alite even want to be on the same block as these guys had there been truth to that because he would have either gotten killed, beaten or black balled and his life would been miserable inside and he would have asked to get a move himself before that was even possible.

  • Gaetano Fraducci

    Scars didn’t say he goes way back with Alite and I never said that either. Scars says on record that Alote and Junior go way back and have intimate knowledge of their business with each other. He never said anything about him and Alite doing anything, other than knowing who he was and that he had a relationship with him, that’s all he says. he has article and comments on it and also in the comments on the Trevor MacDonald interviews he makes statements on record there that they did know each other and dealt with each other, but he never says he did anything with him or anything like that.

    I think Alite lies about a lot of shit that no one needs to even get into, as I said I just think this site is ridiculous and shouldn’t even be online. Junior doesn’t need to say anything to Alite and everyone who is important and matters knows the truth so who gives a fck what the public thinks. It’s the same problem his father had he thinks the public needs to know his business. Junior beat his cases, he is out of the Life, he is well off and doing good, he has a movie coming out (can’t wait to see), and a new book.

    Leave it at that, who fckin cares what Alite says, he is trying to make money off his supposed story and living off the Gotti name and I Get why he would be mad. But everyone in the media is guilty of the same shit and other informants why even give him the time of day to talk about him if he is such a low life, low level, miscreant?

    • You going on an awful lot for someone who doesn’t give a shit about Alite. Alite is a liar Alite told too many lies not on social media alone but in every interview he did. I think it’s now safe to say that this website has proven that he is a liar. Bravo to Chris he did a great job!

      • Alen Mortin Dershiwitz

        Lisa Lisa, I have noticed the same thing (FF) has a lot of time to defend #alite, the jury has spoken, #alite and his ilk are lying scum bags..

    • Hey I know this guy! Hey Joe its me Bitsy how the hell are you? You said you were gonna die any day that was months ago! Hey glad to see you still around!

  • Your ranting is ridiculous. Jr Gotti made a video about his 302 and fought how many trials after that? Scars got on that stand and tried his hardest to send brother John away for life so don’t say now that he held back some Alite nonsense. You make no sense. It’s ridiculous and you know it. At the end of the day Jr Gotti seems very happy to me. Alite should move on and stop lying and using the Gotti’s and stop bullying people and this website might be done. He should settle with his brother Jimmy instead of sending threats to him.

  • Alen Mortin Dershiwitz

    JB, your 110% correct, this mafioso “Gaetano” keeps saying JAG is behind this site, still he has NOT produced one shred of evidence indicating this false allegation. The site is a great public service, LIARS should not profit in any form or fashion. If ol’mafioso gaetano was in the hot seat 4sx’s looking at life he would be singing a different tune. #alite is a POS coward rat, and anyone who says different is cut from the same cloth. All rats seem to get very kissy, friendly, and huggy, after their filthy lies, appearing to want understanding. Well “tano” this is not the site for you, C’ya. PS: #alite is does not represent the media.

  • Gaetano Fraducci

    Who the fck said that I said Junior was behind this site? Stop twisting my words like everyone else is doing because thats when the BS stars. So I will repeat myself for anyone who has an issue reading simple texts and sentences correctly.

    I NEVER SAID JUNIOR HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS SITE NOR SHOULD HE, it is benesth him IMHO. However I did say that the person writing these articles is speaking on behalf of him and you can tell is either getting the information directly from Junior or has spoken to him in depth regarding the Alite situation. Because noone just comes out of the blue to go into such great length and creates all these articles and websites without being in kahoots with “JAG” and anyone who thinks Kasp is doing this just because he feels like it and wants to expose him (for himself) is smoke and mirrors. So lets just be fckin honest here since everyone on here wants to tell the truth and not lie, correct? Kasp himself has said on record he speaks to Junior very frequently over the past year or two I forgot the exact amount of time. SO OBVIOUSLY, he has Juniors blessing and is writing this per say on his behalf which is fckin obviously to anyone with common sense. JUNIOR doesnt have to type a single sentence to know where its coming from so lets just keep it 100, and leave it at that.

    I aint Alite buddy, I aint his friend. I dont agree with anything he did or stood for and I never said I did. I simply said its a jerk off move putting up a site like this to give a so called low level, low life miscreant this much attention. And to go into such great lengths to “expose” a guy who was discredited at Junior’s trial, then who the fkc cares what he says and goes on record claiming. The people who should give a fck know the real deal and leave it at that. That goes for Junior and his family. He was blessed with 4 hung juries (he wasnt found innocent) some people just didnt want to convict him and I believe they were tired of the numerous trials he already beat and tired of hearing informants trying to tell on him and use the name Gotti to get the get of jail free cards they watched so many other people get for turning government cronies.

    My point about this is, who the fck cares if Alites telling the truth, if he is a liar , whatever the hell he is. You guys are so concerned about what the public perception is about guys in the Life when anyone knows what happens when you expose yourself to the media. Senior is the prime example. And i would be keeping my mouth shut, not doing interviews or talk shows or articles saying anything but Thank you for your appreciation, I think any questions you have were answered at my trials im not guilty and leave it at that. But now theres all these articles and sites written by this Kasp guy who is trying to get his own recognition and piece of the pie and use Junior and Alite drama as his own personal stepping stool. So instead of going at Junior he sides with him writes all these articles, goes on all these radio shows and any interview he can take to get his name out there. So to me theres no difference than anyone else using the Gotti name to sell sh*t, like the Rags, media, TV etc.. He just does it on this site. And a so called friend of Juniors I dont feel should be doing this cuz noone should give a rat’s ass about that stool pigeon, or give him any reason to talk about him either.

    apparently its to difficult for simple minded people to understand my point and what im saying. If you knew the inside and how things worked and court proceedings etc.. You would know alot of his sh*t is just a spin on there side of the story. So you dont understand what I been trying to say but thats fine. Theres 3 sides. Ill say it again: Alite’s … Juniors and the truth. “Thats all folks” ..

  • Gaetano Fraducci

    Alen Douchewitz.. You dont even know how to spell the attorney’s name and what you write in your BS POST. It was Alan Dershowitz correct spelling!

    And I dont need proof Junior wrote any of this because I never said he did. So please show me your proof I said he wrote any of the articles?? You cant it doesnt exist.

    I said he was behind the scenes talking to Kasp and feeding him his information which is a fact and Kasp says so in radio interviews and is on record saying this fact exactly. Go check the Jim Moran coast to coast interviews. So you can say whatever you want and spin my words like he does with all the info he is fed by JAG, anyone can spin anything.

    Go watch the OJ Simpson trial those lawyers were masters at spinning stories and bending truths. If all you know is what you read and are told and dont have intimate knowledge about the facts than you know nothing. So leave it at that. I know better than that.

    • You’re wrong it was me who did, NOT my Brother. I asked my Brother to give Chris the same access to all his trial records that he gave to Peter Lance when Peter wrote the forward to his book. This whole thing started because Alite was lying and when Chris asked him some questions he started threatening him and then started lying about Chris, my family and myself even more. The nerve of him! He knew he was lying so I guess I was just suppose to shut up and let him? That’s NOT happening so this website was created to show everyone just how much of a liar he is. Leave my Brother out of it, he’s very happy with his life and doesn’t know one quarter of the garbage Alite spews. You weren’t at his four Federal Racketeering trials, I was so I think I know more about what happened there than you do. Newspapers can only print so much and Arat can only lie so much.

      • So everyone knows from the get Im not accepting any book deal from no one Im already Doing one with Greoge A. He only prints the truth! And please all joking aside I promise the end will make nothing but sense I promise…First everyone is lying! Gotti Jr John arat, all of them, I think I should know I was there….. Chapter 1 the crazy weird sleepover at the Gotti house! 1986 9pm It was Jr, me and arat we were having a sleep over at JG dads house cause that’s what grown men do.the rest of the family had gone to a party nobody knew us from a can of paint , so we were not invited. I was upstairs trying on John Gotti Sr suits cause I like to wear suits more then him. Jr had left and went to the party cause he refused to have a sleep over with grown men, witch resulted in major sit downs later on with us and Sammy G cause there is nothing the bull loved more then a good old fashion sleep over with some grown ass men!! So as I am putting the suits back. I heard the door I thought it was Mr Gotti so I ran down stairs, it was not, it was none other then Sammy!! the orders had came from the top he was to come over and clean the dog shit from the yard and to let the dogs in. He had asked us what we where doing there and we told him , Sammy John arat says “we are having a sleep over cause that’s what grown men do, Sammy was hot!!! That’s the most ultimate sign of disrespect to have a sleep over with some grown ass men and not invite the bull. So arat went and layed down on the couch in the living room and that’s how you know he and I are telling the truth, how would we know there was a couch in the living room. So the dogs go over to him and start smelling him I guess they smelled some kind of bullshit like the jurors . So the two dogs grab two small bags out of arats pocket and eat it, at this point its almost 12am I wanna go home. So I walk out and realize i forgot my keys I walk back in and the two dogs are coked out of their k9 minds minds!!!! Running a fucking a train on arat I mean they were fucking the shit out of him!! So I grabbed my keys and walked out… Stay turned chapter 2 the sit down with Sammy for not inviting him…. Pretty crazy right? Really crazy thing is i bet I could find 10 people to buy this just cause of the name Gotti and 3 of them would believe it that’s not good for the name Gotti that’s not good for the dogs. This site shows proof not just words kudos

  • Leave it alone, he got you hook line & sinker like a carp. All I see is a well schooled writer (chris) journalist following leads, who is exposing a lair & fraud.

  • Gaetano Fraducci

    Angel I respect what you are saying and understand where you are coming from. But Kasp went on nationally syndicated talk show and said he speaks to Junior on a regular basis for the past year or so and said he has given him alot of the information he has and has formed a good relationship with him and enjoys his company so you can understand where this is coming from. And you can go on coast to coast youtube channel and see the comments he made and said for yourself and he never mentioned your name. So sorry for the confusion but he shouldnt have said it came from your brother and speaks to him regularly if that isnt true?? Why would he do that.. Im really confused as to why he would say all that on a highly watched and nationally syndicated show that everyone will see and watch/listen too. So you should understand why and how it looks like Juniors behind these articles, if it looks like a duck its a duck.

    • Let me clarify this… What I said is the truth, this website started because of ALL the lies Alite was telling. When Chris questioned him he threatened him and even went on the radio and LIED that Chris was molested by his Father as a child.. I introduced my Brother to Chris, he gave him access to all his court documents the same as he did Peter Lance.He answered the same questions Peter asked him. He is a very dear friend.. He does NOT get paid for doing this, this was Chris and my idea NOT my Brother’s. My Brother does NOT go online so he does NOT have Facebook! He doesn’t see or want to know the garbage that comes out of the former flunkie Alite’s mouth. They were friends 1984-1991 THAT IS A LONG TIME AGO! Alite’s name doesn’t come out of my Brother’s mouth yet Alite can’t stop talking about him or my family, why?

  • This guy claims to be such a tough guy and connected yet everyone robbed him including his own lawyer
    Blowjob rat

  • Marco has been using his donation to get that beach house, relates that he will host a reunion for #TEAMGOTTI in the future.

  • Lol Chris brings the FACTS again!!!! What is it with these ppl smh

  • Gaetano Fraducci

    Kasp, IDK who you think I am but I have never spoken to anyone on the phone, I am not John Alite or another John and no one ever calls me “John” and if you traced my IP address you would probably know that. The only name I go by and I have ever went by other than my birth name is “Guy or Lucky”. And you did comment on coast to coast it’s right on the fckin page in the segment Moran did on his radio show where he talks about this site and all the Alite shit, and you said out of your mouth via your keyboard or whoever said that you talk to JAG over the past year, you believe his side of the story, you met and or spoke to him regularly and had coffee. you said you liked the guy and believed his side over Alite’s and that is why you made this site. I can pull it up if you want and give you the link, it may take a few but anyone with a Google can do a search and you can find it..

    Listen you can continue your site and your job whatever you want to call it, I don’t care. It’s no point arguing with biased people, it gets you nowhere. So no matter what questions I ask you overlook them and talk about some other shit I never said anything about so there’s no point.

    If you were nitpicking my messages and read them for what they are you should have answered my questions and if you can’t it’s because you can’t spin them the way you want:

    If Alite was an informant since the 90s, then why would he fight extradition to the US?
    If Alite was such a rat, why did he sue his lawyer and win for not getting in touch with the FEDs earlier?
    If Alite is lying about his relationship with JAG, then how come the govt, FEDs, Anastasia among others believed his story to be true? *Gotti says they had many dealings for years with each other, so he obviously isn’t lying about that then correct? You are just saying after 1991 he is a liar then?

    You also state you are mad that Alite is liar and trying to convict JAG and lying on him..

    Then why aren’t you pissed at JAG, WHO SAT DOWN AND PROFFERED AND ADMITTEDLY TOLD LIES ABOUT HIM AND HIS FATHERS ENEMIES TO PUT THEM ON MURDERS IF THEY DIDNT DO IT, SO HE COULD CUT A DEAL?? Answer me this question and I will get your whole point of this website!!!

    My POINT IS.. That you can’t be mad at ALITE for “lying” because JAG tried to do the same shit except he just didn’t want to take the stand. So his proffer ended where it did and rested on him, the Feds can’t use a proffer unless you are willing to take it the whole way otherwise it’s just hearsay. JAG TRIED TO DO THE SAME SHIT!!

    And to answer your question(s).. Idk what Alite said or claims, but Matty was a Luchese guy always has been I Have never ever heard him being with the Genovese Family. He was a big time junk dealer back in the 70s and did like 20-25 years and soon as he came home he got his button and was made a skipper shortly after. He basically got it for taking it on the chin and keeping quiet, i believe it wasn’t until the late 90s he got his badge. He wasn’t a made guy at all prior to his arrest so idk what the hell anyone is talking about and that’s a fact I can assure you of.

    • Violated order of protection, harassment, 3rd degree assault, failure to appear, criminal violation of restraining order, threatening 2nd degree, threatening 3rd degree, driving while under suspension. Sounds like a fatal attraction?

  • Gaetano Fraducci

    Go to and go to the section where they did the Trevor McDonald interviews and in the comment section Scars says on record that if JAG & Alite want to sit down he would mediate the whole entire thing, he says they should both leave each other alone. He says they both go way back and have a lot of dirt on each other and says they should both leave their families out of it and move on. It’s all online. Scars goes on that site regularly with Ed and they speak often and he comments once in awhile online.

    You can make whatever site you want my friend, you think you are talking to someone you know but your talki to a ghost because I’m not whoever you are claiming me to be I can promise you that, and if you checked my IP address you should know that I live in Connecticut now and you don’t know me and neither does anyone else I can assure you of that. I did time with a few guys in Allenwood back in the 90s I did a 10 yr min-man on a drug and weapon conviction I pled it too. So idk who you think I am but I’m not them I can leave you rest assured of that fact.

    • Hi Gaetano, I have to apologize to you… PARTLY.

      When someone comments here I get an email with the comment, and included is the IP address that it was made from. I traced the IP address to 36 H.S…. I’d rather not post the whole address, that would be a rat move. Anyway, I asked someone who had been to the house if that was the address, this person said yes. Just now they told me they may have gotten it wrong and it could have been a different one in CT that they’d been to. So, are you the same person I thought you were? Maybe, maybe not, because I just looked back through my prior emails and found at least three different IP’s that you commented from, so, you still could be that person.

      Either way, you get the benefit of doubt for the time being, I am not happy with my source for giving me “bad” info, and I am removing my earlier comment for the time being– I put it into “edit,” so I can re-publish it at any time, and will if I confirm that you are in fact who I thought you were.

      Regardless, you still posted all kinds of inaccuracies on here.

      I do not know a “Jim Moran” and do not ever remember being on a Coast to Coast show. What I did was call into Frank Morano’s show on AM 970 which you can find the link to here:

      Also, Michael DiLeonardo never once mentioned John Alite on the Trevor McDonald documentary. All of that proves that you do not have your stories straight. I believe in the Cosa Nostra News article DiLeonardo was being sarcastic. If he would like, he can do his own interview for this site and I will ask him my own questions.

      Yes, Alite was friends with JAG– for a time. In the 1980s and in late 1991 they had a falling out and Alite was chased. In fact, DiLeonardo is quoted saying that he was chased in the notes from his FBI debriefings. You can find the excerpt from them here:


      To answer some of your questions:

      “If Alite was an informant since the 90s, then why would he fight extradition to the US?”

      In my opinion? Because he believed he could win extradition and stay in Brazil on the beach, or do his time in a comfortable Brazilian jail. He did not want to testify publicly and be known as a rat or serve time in the U.S.

      I answered this topic already, you can find irrefutable proof of him being a CI in the 90s here:

      “If Alite was such a rat, why did he sue his lawyer and win for not getting in touch with the FEDs earlier?”

      Alite says in his book he didn’t flip until sometime in 2007, after he was extradited… so why would he sue then in the first place? He was trying to reach out to the Feds in NY, not the office in Tampa that indicted him.

      “If Alite is lying about his relationship with JAG, then how come the govt, FEDs, Anastasia among others believed his story to be true?”

      Who said they believed it? The Feds were looking for a Gotti conviction at all costs and thought Alite could deliver it. Anastasia was looking for a paycheck and finally, his big movie deal.

      If the Feds believed him and his credibility hadn’t been destroyed on the witness they would have called him in future trials, namely, the John Burke trial. Alite testified that he ordered the 1996 John Gebert murder and that Burke helped carry it out, yet he wasn’t called to testify against him.

      PS- if Anastasia believed Alite, then why does his book contradict much of what he testified to on the witness stand?

      • Gaetano, to answer one more topic you broached:

        “Then why aren’t you pissed at JAG, WHO SAT DOWN AND PROFFERED AND ADMITTEDLY TOLD LIES ABOUT HIM AND HIS FATHERS ENEMIES TO PUT THEM ON MURDERS IF THEY DIDNT DO IT, SO HE COULD CUT A DEAL?? Answer me this question and I will get your whole point of this website!!!

        My POINT IS.. That you can’t be mad at ALITE for “lying” because JAG tried to do the same shit except he just didn’t want to take the stand. So his proffer ended where it did and rested on him, the Feds can’t use a proffer unless you are willing to take it the whole way otherwise it’s just hearsay. JAG TRIED TO DO THE SAME SHIT!!”

        All the evidence I’ve seen supports JAG’s claims that what was in the 302, that he was misquoted and things were added to it that he never said. More info on that here:

        JAG did not go forward and testify against people, truthfully or otherwise. In my eyes, all he did was attend a meeting. Nothing more, nothing less, and, as someone who was once in the life told me the other day– let’s see what someone else does when they’re in his position? Have his critics been through the federal system? Who’s “beaten” four RICO trials in a row? It’s unheard of. If he’d been convicted he’d be in ADX and wouldn’t see sunlight.

        No one was incarcerated based on Gotti’s “meeting,” whereas Alite tried to get people the death penalty for crimes they had nothing to do with.

        Yes, Gaetano, I have gotten to know John A. Gotti. I respect him, consider him a friend and see him as someone to learn from. He’s been through more than most, is battle tested and has a very unique life experience. I am glad I’ve gotten to know him and look forward to a lifelong friendship.

        Alite is a different story. It’s not just that he testified, falsely. It’s that he’s out there terrorizing people and slandering all kinds of people, whether they were in the streets or not. It’s that he’s out there trying to “mentor” vulnerable kids when he should be kept far away from them. It’s that every week I get stories from people of how he screwed them over, hurt their lives, etc. It’s that he’s trying to con people, and he needed to be called out on it.

        It’s more than that, but that’s the gist of it… and, Alite is welcome to come on here at any time.

        Just like I haven’t deleted your comments, I wouldn’t delete his either. I wouldn’t delete anyone’s really unless they were spam or too vulgar. I do not want to censor comments at all, I believe in freedom of speech. Alite is welcome to comment here at any time and he will have his forum. I tried to ask him questions and all he did was slander, threaten and spread rumors about me.

        JAG, on the other hand, introduced me to his friends, attorneys, family, witnesses from his trial, etc. He gave me full access to his files and office, whether those files were favorable to him or not.

  • Gaetano Fraducci

    I respect what you are saying and I will agree to disagree on some aspects of it and thats what lifes all about. As I said before theres 3 sides to every story: Alite’s, JAG’s and the truth.

    I respect JAG and have no issues with what he is saying and what he stands for. I just have a problem with someone who never admits they did anything and never had a relationship with Alite other than he was basicalky extorting him for protection on the streets. Alite was known as a real capable guy and muscle on the streets and wound do anything for a reputation and to get in the good graces of the Gotti’s. So JAG and the famoly knowing they had someone who would be there pitbull on the streets is hard to believe that in lets use your time frame for reference (1984-91) or whatever the start date is, I cannot a reasonable person and know how the Life works that in all those years and through all their relationships that JAG would never ask Alite to do some “piece of work” for him or the family. They were very good friends for a long time and there is much evidence to prove that fact and they also admit that this was true until JAG says Alite was ran out of the city basically circa ’91.

    Regarding the comments I made a mistake and I meant to say Frank Morano not Jim Moran on the Coast to Coast segment you made several comments on the site between you and Ed Scarpo regarding why you made this site and where you got the info. I went back and looked through the internet to try and remember where I saw you comment on it, and that is my mistake and I own that so this is the correction.

    Also I never said in the Trevor McDonal interview Scars talks about Alite. I said on the site Scars went on record and said that Alite and JAG had a long standing relationship and he never dove into any details other than acknowledging that fact. He goes on there regularly through Scarpo to make statemennts and quotes etc.. Whenever he feels the need to clarify or correct somehing someone said or had an important question about his thoughts on the subject. Its not frequently but he has made a handful of these statemennts on record.

    And regarding my IP address I send out all these messages at the same place from the same location so IDK who tracked my IP or who would even need to do that but thats whatever. And I can rest you assured we dont know each other, i dont know Alite and Im not his friend or acquaintance and I dont support anything he stands for he is a stool pigeon and a rat and he has to live with that and at the end of the day he has somewhere upstairs if there is a God that he will have to answer to one day and has to wake up every morning and look in the mirror at himself and noone can help him with that whasoever.

    JAG went on record during Morano interview with Carnesi by his side (as he does in all his interviews) afraid of getting perjured or make a statement that could find himself in another trial and I get it, which is probably why he will never admit to anything he did with Alite or anyone else because he doesnt want to ever go back to court again. So he is never gonna tell the truth which is why I tend to believe some (not all) of what Alite says because he has immunity and has no reason to lie and tell stories after the fact and thats the part I cant wrap my head around is why someone who go into such detail and length regarding jobs, work and shit they did if its all a complete lie and made up. IDK anyone who would do that unless they were just straight up basket case mentally challenged lunatics (maybe Alite is idk)?

    JAGs 302s and you can read them online put well known enemies of his father of pieces of work and murders that he states he knew he lied about and said that the FEDs contradicted his statements and they didnt match up with what his attorney wrote down that he said (but he has never produced those notes to prove otherwise and anyone can write notes after the fact to spin the FEDs 302’s and say they wrote shit he didnt say) I dont think this is the case.

    Off the top I believe he put Marino, Willie Boy and 2 others onto murders, conspiracy to murder and a robbery or somehing like that (as I said doing this from memory not fact I am not home and dont have time to sit and look for the 302s and exact wording anyone can google it and find out what they said). Anyways, my issue as I said is that JAG is mad Alite proffered and testified to what he says are lies against him and that if you are gonna rat at least tell the truth. He says this several times.

    So then why go and proffer youself and go on record with Carnesi by your side and say “I was caught in a moment of weakness and I was sick to my stomach about it,” BUT “I knew the FEDs couldn do anything with the information without me furthering it, and at the time half if not all of the guys who he proffered about were dead and or incarcerated for life and knew it was all BS”. So my problem is that goes with the whole theme of the Gotti Rules book about the hypocrisy of how the Gotti’s operated. He knew what he was doing and dont let him try to spin those 302s any other way because no street guy will ever give him a pass for that and theres nothing to try and explain why you sat down with the FEDs ever and talked to them. As I said his father would be spinning in his grave and if he was on the streets there would be alot of guys sayig JAG would go, because alot of people got killed for alot less than what he did and thats the truth.

    Good speaking with you, hope to hear more and read other articles some are interesting, I dont agree with everyting but alot of it does make some sense. But as we saw in the OJ Simpson murder trial a great mind and dedication to details can make even the most exculpable evidence cast doubt upon it. You can spin things in your favor very easily with intellect and words and nothing is always what it seems taken on face value. Ill leave with that. I am by no means on Alites side whatsoever I also want to make that clear and dont respect him st all for anythig he did, if he did turn his life around and is doing the work he does today and is actually being honest and truthful about his intentions, good for him. But I guarantee just like JAG if they never got caught and never were in trouble they would all still be on the streets doig the same exact shit they were doing being they all got in trouble. And they would never ever be turning their back on the Life and would still be a big part of it. Its like all the other guys who said they wanted out, as soon as they realized a 6by9 for 1000 years didnt seem so good anymore and wasnt worth it… Good day.

    • I would just like to comment on one thing. Something I can correct with facts and not speculation.
      You said:

      “JAG went on record during Morano interview with Carnesi by his side (as he does in all his interviews) afraid of getting perjured or make a statement that could find himself in another trial and I get it, which is probably why he will never admit to anything he did with Alite or anyone else because he doesnt want to ever go back to court again. So he is never gonna tell the truth which is why I tend to believe some (not all) of what Alite says because he has immunity and has no reason to lie and tell stories after the fact and thats the part I cant wrap my head around is why someone who go into such detail and length regarding jobs, work and shit they did if its all a complete lie and made up.”

      JAG did two interviews with Morano. I believe Carnesi was only with him in one, but it wasn’t because he was afraid of perjury or saying something to get in trouble. It was because Carnesi was a part of the story. He cross-examined Alite and saw his lies firsthand. Also, Alite was saying that Carnesi leaked the 302 to Daniel Marino, which is not in Alite’s book, testimony or debriefings. And, it would have been if it was true. Carnesi was not just his attorney, he was a part of the story.

      JAG didn’t have an attorney with him during the CNN interview with Michael Smerconish. Did he have an attorney with him off camera somewhere? I’m not sure. But I was at his office when he spoke to Crime Watch Daily on the phone and also when he filmed the preview for Witsec Mafia with Kaufman Films, and in both, his attorney Adam Mandelbaum was present, just to have him present. To have an attorney there in case someone tries to twist his words later on… which is kind of what happened with Crime Watch. They took a sentence or two out of a 53 minute conversation and presented his words out of context.

      JAG did a phone interview with Coast to Coast AM in February or March 2015, he called in with Peter Lance who wrote his forward. Was an attorney present on the phone with him? I have no clue. But it’s good to have one there when you don’t have immunity, that’s for sure. So, Alite tried multiple times to say he was a coward, etc., for having his attorney with him in interviews, but Alite is a bullshit artist. Alite doesn’t need an attorney on his end– well, maybe now he does, because he’s being sued by multiple parties for defamation and other acts.

      But, Alite can say whatever he wants and doesn’t need a criminal attorney per say because he has immunity for his past crimes… and, he has every reason to lie about them. To make himself into a bigger gangster than he was to sell more books and get a movie deal, etc. And unlike others without immunity, he can lie all he wants and he won’t be arrested. He can make up murders he never did and he’s not going to be charged with them. Like in Crime Watch, where he said he “killed dozens of guys.” LOLOL. Funny, because in the Carneglia trial he only said he was on FIVE murders, and only pulled the trigger in ONE.

      • Gastano Fraducci

        Well since you brought it up lets go take a look at the article CRIME WATCH wrote regarding this hypocrisy of this website and how JAG uses you as his personal liason and internet bulldog in his plot to target Alite.. There is alot of good questions and comment regarding the REAL REASON..
        Jimmy Alite has sided with JAG and explains in detail the purpose he is doing this to try and extort his brother John. And it also has some questions for you and so questionable things you have said and done on behalf of JAG, that leave alot of explaining for anyone interested.. HERE IS THE LINK TO THE ARTICLE FROM AN UNBIASED 3rd PARTY!! Please read..

        • Lol? Crime Watch did not write that article.

          “UNBIASED 3rd PARTY!!”

          Lmao. Actually, it came out that that article/blog was written by none other than Jeff Lowman aka “Jeff Canarsie.” I believe he interviewed himself on it under his fake name. You can find some of the text messages he sent me and the link to an article he wrote where he trashes Alite as a liar etc at the links below:

          • Gaetano Fraducci

            Kasp, The point that I am making is that anyone can write articles and refute information and spin it to make their side seem valid and discredit someone else. As readers of these articles and all the crazy shit we hear and read online and in the blogs, the rags and these interviews… is that ultimately it is up to us as listeners/readers to decide who we believe.

            As I said before I am not backing Alite and dont agree with what he did and never will cosign someone who turned against there friends to save their own ass. Thats basic street code no matter where you live on this planet, and violated the Golden Rule of life that you do onto others what you would do onto yourself.

            My whole point and what I am still waiting to hear is how JAG can say that it was a fact that him and Alite at one time were good friends or (acquantances according to him). But that Alite during the whole time they were in kahoots with one another knowing that Alite who was and is a very “capable guy” (you know what I mean by this I hope), you are going to tell me knowing that Alite would have done anything to impress and get in the good graces of the Gambino’s and especially JAG that at no time he was ever directed and expected to put in work for JAG, and he acted solely on his own and did all these crimes while flying the Gambino flag and JAG let him do all this and he was never reprimanded for acting without the approval from above.

            Knowing how the Life works you cannot be connected and be on record with a made guy and a family and go out and do crimes, commit murders and deal drugs without these dudes giving you the OK, it just would never happen. Because if he did do it and is was known that he was doing this shit while he was on record and did it without an OK from his boss than the guy is getting clipped and there is no discussion.

            So as I said the time frame from early 80s-91/92 whatever JAG claims to be the fact, he was involved and was directing Alite or else he would never have been able to do and get away with all the shit he was doing. Theres no spinning that fact because thats how it works.

            And to argue about Alite getting the 302s in Brazil, or in 06/07/08 it really doesnt matter. What matters is that Alite got the 302s from somebody obviously, he claims Corozzo got them from Marino who got them from Carnesi (who the fuck knows). What we do know is that he sat down and made them and he proferred. To me it doesnt matter when the fuck he got them or even who he got them from. JAG has to explain why they fckin exist at all.

            And to be honest his excuse and reasoning for them is ridiculous. And nobody I mean nobody on the streets is/was or will ever give him a pass for that. Because they will say they same thing as I will, if he was gonna go in there and talk regardless of what it was then you need to be real worried about what would happen if he really was about to get a life sentence what he would say then. Because thats why Danny Marino took a plea deal in his case.

            Nobody was permitted to take please on orders from SR. Thats why Gene and his other brother are all doing Life. JAG says well Marino took a plea by his choice. I dont agree I think at that time the whole upper echelon of the family knew he proffered and was real nervous about what he may say so he copped out as soon as he got a chance to.

            You can only spin so many things and I am never gonna be swayed onto his side about whatever BS excuse he has for sitting down with the FEDs. But what I do know is that if Alite in fact did get that paperwork when he was in Brazil facing his case he probably thought JAG was gonna flip on him too and their past dealings so he was the first to bite. Which is the same reason Gravano flipped on SR. They made the first move they could to help themselves. Because if Gravano doesnt cooperate it was SR. Fault for burying him and the whole family by getting caught on tape breaking a cardinal rule in the mob, that YOU NEVER speak about a murder after its committed. They would never have Gravano on anything if it wasnt for Gotti blabbing about family business on tape.

            We could sit here and go back and forth all day. I respectfully accept your explanations and your attempts to control the narrative that JAG wants the public to think, and we can agree to disagree on some of the facts and stories they dispute. I dont believe all of Alites stories, I believe some are fabricated if not entirely made up but I really dont know the truth and noone ever will I dont believe. Unless somewhere down the line more cooperators come forward but that is highly doubtful as most of the guys from that time period are either dead or doing life sentences and they wont ever talk about anything.

            Thats why we have these situations and people listen to these informants because they are the only people who are talking so you have to take that at face value. IMHO Alite comes off well in his interviews and to me seems like he is telling the truth when he speaks. His stories are detailed and precise and seem to me to be authentic and genuine. Im not an expert body language expert or analyzer of lies but he doesnt come off as being a liar from anything I see and talks very confidently about what he says. So it is what it is. And we are back to square one and its a he said / he said thing.

  • Alite and his few fans have to be the dumbest people on the planet. Jeff Lowman unbiased, a high school hocley player turned LCN, To much.

    • Gaetano Fraducci

      Just because I dont agree with everything that this website says to be a fact doesnt mean I am taking Alite’s side and everything he says to be true. I am not a fan of anybody and Im not a dick rider either. I do my research and speak to my own people and hear shit that contradicts alot of what JAG claims. I know and many guys on the streets will tell you that Alite was a very serious dude back in the day. And he would not hesitate to split your head open or give you some cement swimwear if he felt like it. Whether he would do shit himself or have his own guys do it he was capable of getting work done when it was needed. I just dont buy into the claim that JAG says that Alite was this low level street bozo and junky like he wants people to believe. These guys were good friends at one point and there are many photos and videos proving this to be a fact.

      Wedding photos, pictures of Alite holding his kids. I believe on someone just recently put up a video of Alite with JAG leaving SR’s 2nd acquital with his attorney Shargel and them getting into a car together and leaving. So trying to say he didnt know who SR. was makes no sense when the pictures and video show him leaving his trial with his son and SR attorney Shargel. You also gonna tell me that this low level junky and street thug who did nothing but pay your for protection you are gonna let hold your kids or show up at his kids birthday and be the Godfather/Best Man at his wedding and put your name on the paperwork as the witness to the marriage.

      I mean come on, there is plenty of proof these guys were more than just people who bumped into each other every once in awhile or knew eachother from the same neighborhood. These guys did business together and were very friendly for manyyears. Just tell it like it is.

      Yeah so after 91/92 maybe they had a falling out when they cleaned house after the shit happened with Gravano they tightened up security and closed the books for awhile, and dumped all suspect acquaintances and associates who werent Italian which is probably what happened on orders of his father.

      But then in 98 he is cell mates wih Gene Gotti and does time with these guys in prison which I was at and Alite was known as a serious guy and had alot of respect and connections inside prison especially with the Gambinos and a few Philly guys as well. So if you are gonna tell me he is such an rat and run out then Gene Gotti would have never let Alite into his cell and would have demanded him to be moved somewhere else because they would have chased him out of the unit in a heartbeat. Thats how it works when youre jnside.

      If you dont bring your paperwork with you and when someone asks to show it and you dont you are done and noone is gonna fuck with you. You would be suspect in a splt second if anyone thinks your a funny dude and thats the truth. But that didnt happen and I never saw anyone treat him otherwise. I was at Allenwood mid/late 90s- to Early 00’s at McKean until I finished sentence. So I think I would know if guys thought he was an informant because that shit goes around like wildfire the minute anyone comes into the block/units. And noone gets a pass in federal prison, im not talking some low level day camp in the state where everyone doing a couple years and noone would bust a grape. Im talking serious dudes doing years that are all in there because of informants that would never let anyone get a pass.

  • My god it’s so hard reading that guy Fraducci’s shit.Chris why are you even entertaining this fraud? He is clearly Alite’s friend and he keeps contradicting himself. Hey Fraud you don’t just chase someone who knows your deep dark secrets yeah, a murder is a deep dark secret! That kind of situation, you might just disappear so that’s how you know Alite didn’t do any “serious work” as you called it. Now stop jerking Chris’s chain!

    • Gaetano Fraducci

      HAHAHAH… And you are just another crony sucked into the JAG internet machine lef by his “buddy” C’mon please the TRUTH hurts own it. How am I an Alite friend when I said the guy is shit and he’s a rat last time I checked a friend wouldnt say that about someone they were friends with.

      I just cant stand this dude ranting and raving writing BS articles and trying to spin the facts to promote his book and movie. Because thats what it really is. If you dont see it you are just as blind as the rest of the masses and you are drinking the JAG kool aid by the gallon.

      He is lucky to be on the streets not doing 100 years he got 4 mistrials he wasnt found innocent.. He got hung juries that means some said guilty. Dont forget that fact. He should count his blessings and be laying low not running an online smear campaign with 2/3 different sites that are all run by him, while hating on all interviews and other sites who give credit and respect Alite over him like Ed Scarpo on Cosanostranews so they go and make BA websites and try to intimidate people online to not run segments and interviews Alite does against him, while he hides behind this guy who writes these ridiculous articles.. THATS THE REAL FACTS

      • Frank, your making a fool of your self. You ratted too own it.

      • Fraudalucci, I was raised with Angelo Ruggiero as MY Uncle, his children are my Cousins. My Uncle Angelo was NOT Neil’s Nephew! They were NOT related. You have NO idea what you are talking about and truthfully neither did Alite for him to say that they were. You come on here and you just ramble on. Chris did an amazing job with this website, NO one here intimidates Ed Scarpo into anything! That statement alone is ridiculous. Again, there is a disclaimer!! Show proof and it will be replaced and apologized for, I haven’t seen it yet! Chris, you worked long and hard on this website proving Alite is a pathological liar. You did an amazing job, morons like Fraudalucci never present FACTS, just lies, rumors and slander by other rats, you worked too hard, don’t ever let anyone cheapen your brand!

        • I sense Fraudalucci finked as well. Now they find themselves restricted to cyber companionship, as even their families cut them loose.

      • I love it wen you KNOW IT ALL’S tell me about my family! Angelo Ruggiero was NOT Neil’s Nephew!! They were NOT related blood or by marriage! They were NOT related!!! The same way some idiot reporter swears my Mother is Jewish, she is NOT Jewish. George Anastasia should have done his research instead of being pushed into writing lies by someone who ALL twelve Jurors agreed was not credible or believable and that’s a FACT!

  • Gaetano Fraducci

    This webpage is full of BS and inconsistencies.

    You say Ang Ruggiero wasnt Dellacroces nephew


    You said Alite said Joe Watts wasnt German


    these are only 2 small things I got bigger stuff that are in these articles that are lies im just waiting to unleash and expose this propaganda and JAG ruse and spin he is having this guy Kasp his so called “friend” use this page to get media steam for his movie that has been shut down and flopping for years because noone gives a shit about JAG anymore. He just cant muscle the fact Alite is making money and living life while he is a hermit in his house

    • In the house with legend John Travolta doing business.

    • Visit my Shadow Of My Father Facebook page, and you will see where John Travolta and his wife were on Friday! In Howard Beach!! You know the neighborhood where Alite say’s my Brother never goes to! Movie is set to start filming the end of this month. Hahahahahahaha no one cares, that’s so silly!

      • So Happy for your brother, a class act.

      • Cool, I have a copy of Gotti from 96 with Armand Assante and thought he was
        very talented. This will be much better with more family input. I remember in the
        96 Gotti movie a scene where it is mentioned that Gotti’s wife is Jewish, but HBO
        got the facts wrong and should have done more research.

  • Gaetano Fraducci

    He dry snitches on this witsec mafia shit and had Kasp write letters to the parole board and his parole officers asking why he isnt violated for hanging out with guys like Patsy and putting up photos online. Thats a rat move. He just does it behind other people like this guy Kasp so he can say oh it isnt me its all his doing. BS he is feeding this guy the information.

    There aint no WITSEC Mafia what a fckin joke.

    • I’m all fine with you presenting different opinions and asking questions etc. but now I have to block you Gaetano. You’re just printing outright lies on here and trying to troll this website. I never wrote a letter to any “parole board” and you’re misquoting me on a bunch of other stuff too. A lot of work went into this website and there are transcripts, documents, Alite’s own words all over it, unlike his book where Anastasia just took him “at his word.”
      PS– Be grateful I gave you the opportunity to comment. If you go on Anastasia’s you can’t comment there and express different opinions. You’re comment has to be approved by “the moderator” because Anastasia knows he’s full of shit and doesn’t want anyone calling him on it.
      You my friend know that, and are just here trying to troll. GOODBYE

    • Fraud you’re the joke! Chris had absolutely nothing to do with a letter going to Alite’s Judge or probation Dept. Did he tell you that? hahahahaha Do your research, it wasn’t Chris or any Gotti who did that one! Oh since you swear by Cosanostra news check on there, you’ll see who wrote the letters and why and who Alite threatened which prompted that letter!

    • :G: you ever put in “work” u in the “life” I learned those phrases from Goodfella’s as you did..didnt you dry snitch?

  • EXCLUSIVE: John Travolta to film John Gotti biopic in Cincinnati starting July 25
    Brian Mains, Tanya O’Rourke
    5:06 PM, Jul 13, 2016
    32 mins ago

    Copyright 2016 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.
    CINCINNATI — Actor John Travolta will begin shooting a new biopic in Cincinnati this month about famed New York mob boss John Gotti, the Greater Cincinnati Film Commission announced Wednesday.

    Travolta will portray Gotti in “The Life and Death of John Gotti,” which begins filming July 25. Actress Kelly Preston, Travolta’s wife, will co-star in the film. Kevin Connolly, who portrays manager Eric Murphy in the “Entourage” franchise, will direct the production.

    “We are thrilled to welcome the cast and crew of ‘The Life and Death of John Gotti’ to Cincinnati,“ said film commission executive director Kristen Erwin Schlotman. “This is just one of many productions we expect to take advantage of the state’s revised Motion Picture Tax Credit, giving producers more incentive to use our area’s unique architecture and pool of talented actors and crew.”

    This month Ohio doubled the yearly cap for the tax incentive program, which reimburses out-of-state movie producers for payroll and other expenses, to $40 million.

    “The Life and Death of John Gotti” joins other recently announced movies that will begin filming in Greater Cincinnati in the next two months. “Girl from Compton,” a biopic chronicling the life of R&B singer Michel’le, began filming here in June. Director Steven C. Miller, who shot “Marauders” here last fall, said he plans to shoot a second film in Cincinnati starting in August.

    Hollywood actor and producer James Franco, who previously filmed a movie in Butler County, also will return to the region by the end of this month to begin shooting two more movies. Franco shot both “Goat” and “The Long Home” here in the spring of 2015.

    Anyone interested in being an extra on “The Life and Death of John Gotti” should send a head shot and contact information to Producers are also looking for looking for vehicles from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s for the movie, especially Buicks, Lincolns and Cadillacs. Anyone with a vehicle matching that description is asked to email

    Wednesday’s announcement adds to the growing list of films, including Oscar-nominated “Carol,” “Miles Ahead,” “The Fits” and “Ides of March,” that have been shot in Greater Cincinnati.

    Copyright 2015 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

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    Franco to shoot 2 more films in Hamilton
    Coming soon: Another Hollywood movie in Cincy
    MTV releases trailer for Cincy-filmed ‘Goat’
    Cincy-filmed Nick Jonas movie gets release date

  • i was around where he said he was filming the other day, he look like barney fiffe following andy, even tho he is a goverment protected witness/informant, he has these steroid lookn freaks following him.A JOKE.U CAN SEE THE FEAR IN HIS EYES

  • Just wondering since George Anastasia did such a bad job at fact checking
    with this whole story and to this day he is still pimping Alite’s garbage lies. What
    other books has this guy written that could be entirely fiction, yet he gained lots
    of credibility ?

  • i am from the state where george has been printing lies his whole career.he is no different then a ambulance chasing attorney.i write n scarfo makes me feel like a gangsta lol i would never include that i am best friends with alite that wouldnt go over to good lol nicky hated rats

  • Mr.Sessa how can you write NS, then embrace alite a lying fraud co-operator?Mr.Sessa pls explain?

  • Just a thought, and I think some of the site and the admitted stories allow you to make a good circumstantial case for it:

    “If Alite was an informant since the 90s, then why would he fight extradition to the US?”

    Well, there is a link here that speaks of an FBI guy (sorry don’t remember the name) but you have an interview where he admits, that Alite called him a lot of times from Brazil and “he’d like to think he would say he saved his life.”

    They advised him to find the girl, do the paternity suit, buy land, most likely helped facilitate the move to the easy prison, and probably sent the money through the sister. Even if they didn’t send it personally, they coulda put pressure on someone on the whole “blackmail letters” that he sent back, and maybe they paid.
    It seems fairly obvious the Gov’t kept him on ice in case the other suits against Jr. didn’t work out. They ultimately didn’t and because they couldn’t get him any other way, they went and got a guy who they darn well knew wasn’t reliable but he was their last card. Seems like it’s all there.

    How else does a guy who can’t get together 8 for his own kids and is hiding out and has to peddle lies to even eat come up with 300k sent to a Brazilian National? I’d assume the “saving his life” line would be because he gave him several ideas how to stay on ice and that when they decided they’d take a crap witness over no witness, that agent got the ok for the plane to bring him back . If the other trials against Jr had worked out they’d have left his ass there and never taken his calls.

    I have no dog in this fight, but the flyer for his Motivational Speaking is my favorite. “His tales too incredible to be believed.”

    Most unbelievable BS I’ve read in awhile. I’m truly surprised he didn’t say that cured Cancer. wow.

  • well said he puts the F in fraud

  • Check out my VladTV interview. Gotti is a rat and I have proof!

  • i am going to be doing a interview with KASP, your finished lying fraud

  • Man home much did Jr pay you to do this? Haha. There’s so many little circumstantial questions you bring up in these articles. Like, “how could Alite know Sr if he was never photographed going into the Ravenite?”. Wow, what genius logic that is. I feel bad for the author of all of these articles, stretching himself so thin with rhetoric. Journalism 101, just say the facts, keep your stupid opinions or extraordinary reaches you take to yourself.