John Alite: Boxing with The Castros (and Fighting for La Revolución)

John Alite said something very interesting on his website that he did not mention in his book, speeches, Facebook rants, dozens of interviews or anywhere in the thousands of pages of reports that resulted from his testimony at multiple trials, numerous grand juries and his debriefings with “a hundred” different FBI agents:

Gotti (Cross, 1956):


On the Keynote Speaking section of his website where he is trying to sell himself as a “changed man” and “motivational speaker” John Alite, straight shooter, a ‘man’ who keeps saying that he’s 100% honest, one who never lies and even brags that he has no problem answering anyone’s questions about anything– even though he never does–

It actually says on John Alite’s website, right now, as I write this, that when he went on “the run” not only did he train with Castro’s sons in Cuba, but, he even mentioned how he fought with Chavez’s armies in Venezuela:


Why didn’t George Anastasia include that in their book?

Especially since in 2015 John Alite’s representatives clarified that he was boxing with Castro’s sons in Cuba in the one-sheet they were sending out advertising how his “too-incredible to believe stories” would “amaze and motivate any team:”


Above: circa 2015



1- When exactly did John Alite box with Castro’s sons in Cuba?

2- Does Castro even have any sons?

3- Exactly which Castro is he talking about?

4- And exactly which unit of Chavez’s army did he fight alongside in Venezuela?

Did John Alite earn a rank or receive any kind of commendation from the CIA?

NOTE: Upon asking his brother about this Jimmy Alite, who says he spoke to John almost daily when he was “on the run,” he also said that he never heard anything about his brother taking up arms with Prince and The Revolution.


  • if nobody understands HOW SICK this pathetic poor soul is,my heart goes out to you .this guy needs to be put in an institution like creedmoor where he can get the help he needs..

  • He has fooled no one, a few immigrants who can’t read English, other court certified RATS, to include lusting “RACINE”. Maybe he can return to the bad lands of South America to fight another day.

  • This guy Alite, as well as his PR people (whoever they are) must be retarded.

    Fought with Chavez’s soldiers? He apparently is under the impression that Chavez came to power by means of a Fidel Castro type revolution. The only problem with that is that he didn’t; Chavez was actually elected in 1998.

    Chavez did attempt a coup in 1992, but it failed and did not involve armed conflict. In any case that would have been long before Alite was supposedly in Venezuela.

    I’m surprised he doesn’t claim to have been a trained assassin for the CIA.

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