John Alite’s All-Star Boxing Challenge

Yesterday on April 14, 2016 John Alite issued a challenge to John A. Gotti.

On Instagram and Facebook he invited Mr. Gotti to “stop the girl talk” and fight him one on one in a pay-per-view boxing match to raise money for Alite’s “charity:”



But never mind that there hasn’t been any “girl talk” about John Alite from John A. Gotti.

The truth is John A. Gotti tries his best to never even mention John Alite’s name because he refuses to make him relevant. He wanted nothing to do with Alite when he chased him from Queens in 1991 and wants even less to do with him now.

Yet John Alite refuses to accept reality and constantly tries to use the name Gotti name to make himself relevant. I mean, he apparently now even needs to use it to raise money for his “charity” which so far has only raised $75 in over two whole months:


John Alite, who needed the Gotti name to get a book deal also– notice how it’s called Gotti’s Rules and not The John Alite Story?

Let’s be honest, John Alite even used the name Gotti to get out of prison because if he hadn’t been able to testify against him he would have had zero use to prosecutors and would currently be serving a life sentence, so, you think he’d be grateful and get on with his life– especially since John Alite’s brother Jimmy even confirmed that it was John A. Gotti who saved John’s life in 1991-92 when people were looking to kill him. He confirmed that instead of letting people kill him he chased him out of Queens and saved his life for the sake of his wife and young children who needed a father.

But, how does John Alite pay him back?

John Alite, an informer who gave up over 220 names when he debriefed to the FBI (and those are just the ones this website knows of) had the nerve to tell his Facebook supporters yesterday to sit in the front row and chant “rat” when Gotti entered the boxing ring– to chant “rat” against the same Man he ratted on!


What an asshole.

Last night John A. Gotti reached out to me after hearing about all of this through a third party and told me to send the following message to John Alite which I did via email to him and his attorney Doug Anton:


But, only a minute later?

John Alite sent an email back saying: “Don’t text me personally ever again this message will be turned over .”


What’s that?

This same big, fearless, boxing tough guy who called Gotti “a coward” and said he’d provide security for him:


BoxingSecurityThis same big, fearless, boxing tough guy who even said right after that if Gotti wouldn’t fight him he’d fight me instead:


This same hypocrite, who when I contacted him, instead of discussing anything even remotely related to boxing the first thing he did was RAT and say my email was being “turned over”?

To who, to the FBI?


What a typical John Alite move.

He cyber-bullies people constantly, even sends threatening and egregious private messages to woman, children and anyone willing to challenge his lies over the internet, yet when you say something back the first thing he does is complain that he’s the one who’s being bullied instead.

John Alite calls other people “rats”– even though he’s been ratting his tail off, since at least 1991– and still has the nerve to call the people he ratted on “cowards”– the same ones who didn’t mention anyone else’s names to get out of trouble, the same ones who took their punishment like Men and stood trial and went to prison for their alleged crimes– and now challenges them to fights.

Yet when people answer those challenges?

The first thing he does is run to law enforcement and tries to have them arrested.

Would John Alite even be making these “challenges” if law enforcement wasn’t protecting him?

UPDATE – 5/8/2016:

On May 1st, 2016 John Alite actually confirmed in a radio interview that he would blow a horse to get John A. Gotti in a boxing ring with him. Listen to the clip below.

“I said, I said– Bring me the horse, because I’ll suck the horse’s cock to get him back in the ring with me. That’s what I said. I says, so, if you’ve got the horse, bring him over to me. That’s how bad I want to get him in the ring.”

READ MORE: John Alite: Confirms He’d Blow A HORSE.


  • It would be a good fight they’re both strong ,I remember alite benchin 275 lbs when he weighed 150 lbs which is awesome ,and I know gotti benched close to 400 lbs back in the day, and they both hate each other. Hate is a motivator when it comes to boxin ,I remember alite gettin me started in the lost Battilion gym on Queens blvd

    • Salvi, nothing more then a cheer leader for #alite, he claims to stand by the code of the streets in one post then cuddles up to #alite in others. This Salvi is weak, a “FREDO” i.e., the a runt of the litter. He stands for nothing.

  • Your in a picture with Ronnie Trucchio and you’re defending a rat who called Ronnie a Junkie??? LMAO!

    • John alite is a wanna be tough guy . He is living off name Gotti. Go to a tanning bed you wanna be down Italian guy. The only 5 families he is down with is papa Johns , Pizza Hut

  • How awesome would it be if Mike Tyson came out of retirement and knocked Arats ass out and hopefully back into reality.
    The only time he boxes good is when he does it on the xbox. Wannabe tough guy who looks like he overdoses on steroids,
    just to even talk smack on his social media garbage. Even if this match happened, the money would go directly to Arat.
    John Arat, You need to get off the juice.

  • Rhonda Rousey would KO #alite, history tells us he likes beating on women anyway, toads don’t change their warts.

  • Any MMA UFC female fighter would have no problem with Arat and the average guy for that matter, they are trained to
    really fight in as many styles as possible. But Arat is claiming to be a tough guy, even though he does beat up and
    threaten women. If Arat needs money for his charity, why doesn’t he call someone out legit ? Actually, scratch that.
    He doesn’t deserve the attention. I’m trying to figure out who is worse, Henry Hill or Arat ? Also its pathetic when
    Arat blames his Albanian heritage for being the animal that he is, which is a rat. Schools bring this monster con man
    to give kids advice. WOW.

  • Roman, your right 110% arat, refuses to except what he did! He refuses to move on and get a real job. No one cares what he says or does, however he continues his lies and character assassination which will be his final down fall. He has 2-3 ppl from the USA following him in hopes to make $$$ off him, these to are dropping him 1 by 1. The rest of his victims are from UK, they have no clue of the fraud he is. The rest are Albanian Nationals, whom have been victim of #alite and george anastasia in the fiction book of lies. Just remember Law Enforcement still has their hooks in him until satan calls him home.

  • Seems odd, gangi=montiglio wanna call out ppl on their character in cyber land, veteran dom wants to be on the under card, call’n ass lol. Why didnt they do THEIR time? How do you go from killa to fink? Drunk driving to snitch? All they have left is booz & cyber land, arat pull up a chair.

  • Lmao this Rat Bastard is looking for any attention he can get!! I am still laughing at the FACT the one son who hates him is in pics with him !! Wonder how much $ the kid got to pose with him!!!

    • Asnjisen Nuk mungon ne Shqipni – john alite is a bad apple, a mutt. The Albanians have hacked their way through history, sword in hand, alite has sinned against his blood a coward.

  • John has ruined our family, he has been up all night using foul language, I am afraid he is using drugs & alcohol again. People are tired of him sucking their money at these pool parties he crashes for photo op’s.

  • Put him in with Danny Macaruso former kickboxing champ from Rhode Island who’s still in great shape in his mid 50’s.
    You know who’s a real life tough guy and also a gentleman?
    Chuck Zito.
    I think Alite would have to wear pampers if confronted by Chuck.
    Size, strength, 5th Dan, and he can box.
    Add his street experience where he’s tested his skills for real and you gotta know Chuck is no one to mess with.

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  • Why all the hate on Alite?
    Seems genuine in his interviews and believe it or not people change for the better.
    As you guys would know must mob guys and associates happen to be pretty decent people when dealing with those outside of “the life”.
    As for Alite getting beat up by female MMA fighters…maybe, maybe not.
    Get a strong weight lifter type with basic boxing/striking skill even self taught skill and all that GUY has to do is land one shot on the chin and all the jui jitsu, grappling, and stand up goes into the toilet.
    Even Cyborg cannot take a bare fist on the jaw from so average non fighting jock.
    Women can develop the offense and skill like attributes but they cannot train their chins to take full power punches from a man outweighing them MMA champ or not.
    It’s a simple and proven fact gentlemen.
    I wish Alite much success.

  • I Heard this Guy Talking Boxing,LOL,Did he Compete in PAL Fights Golden Gloves,I used to See Gotti Jr and his Crew come to the Boys Club on Atlantic ave,I never seen any of them Sparr,Tommy Ghallagher was training a few Friends if mine in the 80s,Also Bench Pressing will not help in the Ring i know,I benched 34( at 160lbs,It all BS