John Alite Does Fake Book Signings

After John Alite published his book in 2015 he posted all over social media about how he was doing book signings…

But, what he never posted was actual proof that these signings took place. Unlike every author on the planet there was never a tour schedule on his website and in all his pictures of these alleged “signings” he never posted pictures with any crowds in them.

(And he wonders why none of the Gottis will go on TV with him.)

Look at this. Why is the parking lot empty? Did they take this at 3 A.M? Why are there barely any cars? Is that the cleaning crew in the background?

Did they take this on the way back from a dive bar?



Matter of Fact– Is this the dive bar?



But of course his “phone ran out battery.”

And where did this take place? At a perfume counter?


Wow!! A sushi restaurant.


Didn’t know the University of Delaware would bring an admitted perjurer, wife-beating murderer to their campus:


Going after the beach crowd:


United Kingdom here he comes:


Greetings from his Florida book tour:




John Alite is (not) a man with the people.


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One comment

  • Not one picture with a real customer making a purchase, or him seated at a table with the line of guests waiting for their book of fiction to be signed. He has #jasonmalone in most, the store clerk in the other posing. Never do you see #anastasia at one where the folks are requesting his John Hancock, sad.

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