The Brazil Files

John Alite has lied through his teeth about what happened to him while he was “on the run” and then in prison in Brazil.

But while George Anastasia has said that he believes John Alite to be truthful because he read the court documents and transcripts where Alite testified (and was revealed to be a gigantic liar), he took Alite “at his word” on what happened to him in prison in Brazil because it was not possible to verify what took place there.

However: Over 1,000 pages of material covering John Alite’s misadventures in Brazil were accessed via a simple inquiry from New York when John A. Gotti had Andrea Hoyos, one of his attorneys hire a lawyer in Brazil who together with a private investigator there conducted interviews and pulled up all kinds of documents and information covering:

1- Alite’s extradition proceedings.
2- Alite’s Brazilian prison records.
3- The child support lawsuit filed against Alite by a woman in Brazil.
4- The lawsuit Alite filed against one of his cellmates in Brazil.

In addition, this website tracked down people who were there with Alite in Brazil, all of whom tell a different story of what happened completely.

But then there is the story of John Alite getting RAPED in prison in Brazil….

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