John Alite Posts Fake News Articles

When people ask John Alite about he tells them that this website is “fake.” That the documents on it are “photo-shopped,” that they’re not real, etc.

But in John Alite’s continuing, unraveling effort to be taken seriously he has now taken his lies up a notch.

On June 16, 2016 he made the leap from planting fake news stories about himself in the press to just printing fake news articles outright.

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John Alite Was Not A Major Drug Dealer

John Alite was not a major drug trafficker. He just tried to act like one on the stand to convince the jury that John A. Gotti was one as well, not only to smirch his name, but to make him eligible for the death penalty because that’s what ordering a drug-related murder can get you.

He lied that Gotti ordered him to commit drug-murders (that in reality he, John Alite did on his own) to get John A. Gotti not just a life sentence but the needle as well.

Why? So John Alite could escape his own life sentence for his crimes by blaming them on Gotti and walk out of Witness Protection with a lucrative book and movie deal based on his lies and John A. Gotti’s federal execution.

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John Alite Was Not “A Mafia Hitman.”

John Alite was not “a Mafia hitman.” John Alite was a low-level hood who was involved in low-level drug murders who tried to portray himself as “a Mafia hitman” to convict real, high-ranking mobsters of these low-level murders in addition to real mob murders (that they had nothing to do with) so he could escape a life sentence and walk out of witness protection with a lucrative book and movie deal based on the lies he told from the witness stand.

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