Mob Rat John Alite Commits Welfare Fraud

Mob rat John Alite frequently discusses all the “projects” he’s working on. He posts pictures driving convertibles, smoking cigars in fur coats, and even owns real estate in other people’s names in New Jersey, and is a silent partner in a Queens pizzeria.
However, even though he claims he’s a “changed man,” he’s also committing crimes as petty as welfare fraud.
He’s illegally receiving disability and food stamps.

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Gangsters Inc: Mob rat John Alite got beat up at a strip club

Gangsters Inc. published the first run of my new piece, “Mob Rat John Alite Got Beat Up At A Strip Club.”

It will be re-published on this site later this week with some additional content, but for now, read about self-proclaimed super tough guy John Alite getting smacked around in Queens with the good folks over at Gangsters Inc:

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