John Alite’s Albanian Pride


John Alite has posted all over social media about how proud he is to be Albanian.

In 2015 he got new Albania-related tattoos on his wrist and forearm and in January, 2016 he even redesigned his website and put a big Albanian flag in the background. In addition, John Alite said on stage at The Mob Museum (9/10/2015, 18:24) that “I’m Albanian, I’ll never forget my heritage, I love it,” and, in an interview with John Ricciutti (6:19), published to YouTube in June, 2015, when he was asked if he was accepted by the Italian gangsters because he was Albanian? John Alite said that “I was accepted I think more so from being Albanian than, than being another Italian… because we had, uh, been known for, you know, violent background.”

John Alite has even been telling people that he’s had so many offers for his life story from Hollywood but he turned down their multi-million dollar offers in order to give back to his country so instead he is doing his upcoming documentary about his life with an Albanian director and production company (and their very low budget).

However: people I’ve spoken to who were around in the 1980s said that John Alite’s dream was to be an Italian, that at one point he even tried to pay money to become a made guy (a story this website will explore at a later time) and that in trying to fit in he used to say that he was part-Italian on his mother’s side.

John A. Gotti said this long-running lie was exposed in late 1991 by Joe O’Kane shortly before he chased Alite from his crew. Gotti said that while inquiring with O’Kane about whether or not Alite was selling drugs, against his orders, in the course of conversation he mentioned to O’Kane that Alite was part-Italian, that one of his grandparents was part-Italian on his mother’s side… After which, their serious conversation turned into a funny one when O’Kane started laughing and said there was no way Alite had any Italian blood, that he was full Albanian, that he knew his whole family and he had Gotti and the men around him fooled.

Even so, Gotti said that after he chased Alite from his Queens-based crew Alite turned up in the South Jersey-Philadelphia area telling the street guys there– low level, fringe players, not the made men at the center of the power– he said that Alite was telling them that his name was “Johnny Alletto,” an Italian, and a member of the Gotti crew.

“He was trying to pass himself off as one of the guys,” Gotti said.

Information that eventually got back to him from Robert ‘Bobby Cabert’ Bisaccia, a New Jersey based Gambino capo who told Gotti that Alite’s story had been passed up the food chain to high ranking Philadelphia mobsters who inquired with Bisaccia if the Italian “Alletto” was who he said he was.

Bisaccia, who never met Alite, asked Gotti about him, if it was true, and was told by Gotti that Alite was a nobody who he’d chased. That he was no longer under the protection of the Gambino family and that he wanted nothing to do with him.

But, after hearing that, Gotti said, certain wiseguys in Philadelphia inquired further. They wanted to know if everything was “alright” with Alite. Was he an informant? Why exactly was he chased? Trying to ingratiate themselves with Gotti and the Gambinos up in New York they even offered to “hurt” Alite as a favor to them.

Instead though Gotti just sent a message back repeating that he was chased, that he wanted nothing to do with him and in doing so indirectly saved Alite’s life (again) because all Gotti had to do was nod his head and they would have killed him.

NOTE: Alite tells a fascinating, all-fiction story about Robert Bisaccia in his book that you can read about here: John Alite: Informant Since 1991.

NOTE: This is not just all hearsay by way of John A. Gotti.

Evidence of John Alite not being allowed to use the Gotti name in Philadelphia and New Jersey is evidenced in this letter that Alite wrote to John A. Gotti in 1993 where he explained that someone introduced him as a friend of Gotti’s in New Jersey but Alite got “mad” and told him not to. Did John Alite write John Gotti this letter to let him know what happened because he was afraid Gotti would think he was still throwing his name around in South Jersey and Philadelphia and was worried he would get killed over it?


All this website knows is that this letter was a major piece of evidence used to expose John Alite as a pathological liar at the 2009 Gotti trial and George Anastasia still decided not to include it in their book… but, you can read the full letter by clicking on the screenshot from it and read the story behind it here:

However, it should also be noted that John Alite’s Italian alias “Alletto” did not just turn up in South Jersey and Philadelphia but even all the way down in Tampa, Florida thousands of miles away. Sources tell me that he used this Italian alias instead of an Albanian one because he always wanted to be an Italian and tried to strut around and intimidate unknowing people down there like he was a made guy from New York.

But, again, this is not just hearsay. John Alite’s Italian alias “Alletto” shows up all over his court documents, arrest reports and even in newspaper articles from Tampa, Florida.

Why didn’t John Alite use an Albanian alias instead of an Italian one?


Mob linked to valet parking

Tampa Bay Times, January 10, 2005, by Graham Brink

Alite, also known as John Alletto, has a criminal past but is not considered a high level Mafia figure, experts say.

Further evidence of how proud John Alite was to be Albanian came about in 2003.

Around this time the word in the New York underworld was that The Gambinos were having problems with ‘The Corporation’ (the alleged Albanian mob headed by Alex Rudaj in The Bronx), and, Alite, Gotti said, to get back in their good graces actually tried approaching The Gambinos about setting up his own people, the Albanians, showing that he had zero loyalty to them.

John Alite was loyal to no one but himself.

Shortly before he fled the country in March, 2003 Gotti said Alite showed up at a tire shop that was housed on property he owned trying to set a meeting with Gotti’s close friend and a member of his crew before he retired in the 1990s, John Ruggiero…

But, Ruggiero was not there so Alite passed a message to him through someone else who was and Ruggiero, an alleged Gambino associate at the time who was friends with the alleged Gambino acting boss, Arnold Squitieri, received the message from Alite to tell Squitieri that he could help in setting up the Albanians, specifically, Alex Rudaj, Lenny Colotti (Nardino Colotti) and ‘Big Nicky’ (Nikola Dedaj), their leaders.

Alite wasn’t involved with them but said his cousin knew them personally and through this cousin Alite was willing to find out where they lived, who their girlfriends were, where they spent their time, and more (so the Gambinos could kill them).

But upon hearing this John Ruggiero rebuffed Alite’s proposal as Alite was chased and not trusted by anyone, by then believed to have been a longtime FBI informant.

Alite then tried to approach alleged Gambino Richard Gotti Sr. to get his message across but was again dismissed.

A government wiretap made in the prison visiting room at FCI Ray Brook on March 23rd, 2003 that recorded John A. Gotti finding out that Alite was on his property and his reaction to it was part of the evidence in his fourth racketeering trial that helped expose John Alite and proved that they had no relationship during this time.

Why didn’t George Anastasia include this in their book?

From Shadow of My Father:

32303tapeNOTE: John Alite testified that The Gambinos were looking to kill him in early 2003, but, if he believed they were it is unlikely he would have sought meetings with them and showed up at locations where he believed they could be found. Knowledgeable sources have told me they weren’t looking to kill him, they just wanted to keep their distance and have nothing to do with him.

But: while John Alite still testified (lied) that he discussed the Albanian problem with Richard Gotti he said that the meeting took place “around 2000” and that Gotti told him he could be helpful, when, again, the Gotti people wanted nothing to do with Alite.

Read about how after John Alite told that lie at trial he was ripped apart over it under cross examination here: There was no sit-down over John Alite between Richard Gotti and Joe Defede.

But, the point is– John Alite was and still is willing to set up his own people and lie about others to the point of putting them in prison for life— even those who saved his life.

John Alite is not loyal to Albania, John Alite has no loyalty to anyone but himself.

Something that John A. Gotti said the Albanians knew full well as they told him so at Manhattan Federal Court.

The following segment is re-printed from John Alite: Informant Since 1991, the section of this website describing with irrefutable proof that John Alite was a government cooperator since at least that time.

Part 6: The Albanians

In September, 2005 as John A. Gotti’s first racketeering trial was coming to an end in Manhattan Federal Court and then after the verdict when he was trying to get bail he spent much time in “the bullpen”, the holding area at the courthouse where defendants would wait all day to appear in court or be transported back to jail. During that time he was joined by alleged members of “The Corporation,” or, The Alex Rudaj Organization, as the government called them, an alleged Albanian organized crime group headquartered in The Bronx whose trial was about to begin.

Being that John Alite, an Albanian Gotti knew from years back was now in the news as he was indicted in Tampa, Florida with an alleged Gambino captain and was fighting extradition from Brazil Gotti said that out of curiosity he asked Rudaj and The Albanians if they knew him…

To which they replied that John Alite was “a rat” who was not allowed in The Bronx and was shunned by the Albanian community there, something that will be explored at a later date on this website.

To verify that Alex Rudaj and The Albanians believed John Alite was an informant feel free to write them. Their addresses can be located at, the Bureau of Prisons website.

UPDATES – 5/19/2016:

1- When writing this post this website overlooked that John Alite is also referenced as “Johnny Alletto” in the trailer for the documentary he’s putting together with director Andy Deliana about his life, “The Perfect Gangster” (yes, they’re really calling it that).

2- He also used his Italian alias in the advertisement for an “anti-bullying” workshop he put together (and then chickened out of) with former amateur porn “star” Theresa Racine in March, 2016, even suggesting that he goes by it in current day:

Come and listen to our dynamic speaker John Edward Alite a.k.a. “Johnny Alletto”

If John Alite is so proud to be Albanian, why is he still trying to pass himself off like an Italian?


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