Gotti’s Rules

Gotti’s Rules was a book written by George Anastasia which was published in 2015, purporting to be a truthful retelling of John Alite’s life, and his alleged experiences with the Gotti family.

However, if you’ve landed on this page, it may be because you clicked “”

This website is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed in any way by the book Gotti’s Rules, its publisher, Harper Collins, John Alite, or George Anastasia.

Instead this is an investigate journalism website exposing the many dozens of lies in Gotti’s Rules which are based on the lies John Alite told on the witness stand at two federal trials in 2009.

Throughout this website you will find Fact after Fact exposing the numerous mistruths, misrepresentations, and outright falsehoods told in the 2015 book Gotti’s Rules.

With only good faith, this website is exposing the ongoing fraud behind Gotti’s Rules, which includes exposing the truth about the uncountable number of lies in “Gotti’s Rules.”