JohnAliteFacts.com was built to expose the fraud that John Alite is engaging in.

To prove that the book he published with George Anastasia is not true crime but mere fiction. To show people that he was never a big shot mob “hitman” nor is he “a changed man.”

IN SHORT: John Alite was a low-level hood who lied through his teeth on the witness stand and tried to act like a former big-shot to convince juries that he was in on major crimes with real big-shots to convict them of those crimes (that they had nothing to do with) so he could escape his own life sentence and walk out of prison with a lucrative book and movie deal based on his lies… but, even though the jury didn’t believe him and hundreds of his lies were exposed under cross-examination? Several years later best-selling “journalist” George Anastasia printed his lies like they were the truth, acted like they were never exposed and even added new ones on top of them giving John Alite the platform to strut around like a former big-shot and “changed man.”

IN DETAIL: John Alite was nothing more than a low-level criminal, one who worked for John Gotti Jr. between 1989-91 at which point Gotti realized what a pathological liar and scumbag Alite really was and got rid of him. He chased him from his crew and Alite was no longer an associate of the Gambino family or a friend of John Gotti’s after that time.

But, 17 years later, after the government failed to convict Gotti at three straight racketeering trials and a tax prosecution? They indicted him again in 2008, this time for drugs and murders based on the word of John Alite who had only seen Gotti once since 1991… and, when Alite got on the witness stand in 2009? He lied through his teeth. He tried to make himself into a former big time gangster to convince the jury that he really was in on the planning of murders and large scale narcotics trafficking with Gotti… But, when they did not believe him? When witness after witness and document after document exposed John Alite in hundreds of lies? He was laughed off the witness stand, Gotti was not convicted and even the jurors who believed he was guilty still said Alite, the star witness, had zero credibility:

Enter George Anastasia. Even though Alite was completely discredited and never again used as a prosecution witness he still took Alite’s lies about being a former big time mafioso, acted like they were never exposed and reprinted them in his book, published in 2015, where new lies were even added on top of them and gave Alite the platform to strut around like “a changed man.”

However: if John Alite really was a changed man he would be honest about his past instead of slandering people right and left and attempting to do with his book, interviews and various media “projects” what he did on the witness stand. John Alite took a kernel of truth about his own life, added in a bunch of Facts he picked up elsewhere, inserted himself into situations he was never present for and sprinkled a layer of lies on top to rewrite his life story, presenting himself as someone he never was or ever could be.

Gotti (Cross, 1950):


And what’s sad is that he has a team around him helping him do it, helping him lie to and con the public.

John Alite lied his way out of a life sentence.

He lied through his teeth, under oath, to get himself out of jail while trying to put others in prison for life for crimes they did not do, and now, he’s hired an agent– the same agent that represents former Gambino underboss turned cooperator Sammy Gravano— and is trying to present himself as a modern day version of him and become a celebrity and give himself a career at the expense of others by lying about them, by making them the enemies and himself the hero of his new, fictional life story in the process.

Yet while Sammy Gravano actually was who he said he was, a top-ranking mobster, John Alite was nothing more than a gopher, a low-level dog who chased the scraps. And now? He is even trying to stand out and present himself as someone different, someone better than all the other cooperators who wrote books and came before him.

But: He’s not.

And as this website rolls out Fact after Fact you might just decide that he’s worse and the book of lies he wrote with George Anastasia is so outlandish that it belongs in a new category called Rat-Fiction.

This website presents THE FACTS about John Alite.

FACTS that John Alite and his people have an open invitation to challenge at any time with the assurance that anything they prove wrong on this site with documented third-party evidence will be taken down, apologized for and replaced with that evidence.

However: John Alite asked for this– in Fact, on 2/15/15 he challenged me to look up the old case files and discover the truth:


And after he gave me the invitation to ask him any question, but after I asked him tough ones, which he then refused to answer, after which he even tried to silence me by threatening me, then tried to discredit me by slandering me, by even lying on a radio show that my father “molested” me–

(What great words to hear from “a changed man.”)

I have done just that: I read the same court documents and trial transcripts that George Anastasia swears by, the ones he says made him believe John Alite yet which directly contradict the stories in their book and have conducted numerous interviews with John A. Gotti, members of his family, witnesses from his trial, defense lawyers, law enforcement, a prosecutor, people who knew John Alite as a child, as a criminal, and even with John Alite’s own brother, Jimmy Alite, who came forward to help expose his lies… which, have all left me Amazed that people are knowingly helping John Alite, a deranged sociopath and pathological liar whose history contains one heinous crime after another get away with it, possibly endangering innocent civilians in the process.

Listen to the other side of the story. Then decide if you think John Alite is “a changed man” who’s being “honest” about his past, and especially about his “anti-bullying” routine, because the reality is? His whole changed man act? His mission to stop bullying? It’s just a cover. A front, so he can become a celebrity, a star, and make an easy buck by getting paid speaking engagements, a reality show, etc., but so he can get paid for that– for “anti-bullying”– (and, for trashing others)– but not his past crimes, and weasel around the Son of Sam Law without having to give his profits to the victims of his crimes.

If John Alite really is a changed man? He will answer for his lies.

Best Regards,

Chris Kasparoza


Twitter.com/Kasparoza     Instagram.com/Kasparoza     Facebook.com/Kasparoza


  • Chris you do a great job at covering all the bases that piece of shit Alite lies about to get people to believe him.

    • Thank you, Anthony. I appreciate your support.

      • Who are you. You don’t even know gottis or anyone never saw you around hood never. Grow up living in a fantasy. Grow up get a job. Your the rat who has a website about mob and exspose people. Who are you. Where you grow up Ohio you Hungarian. Come on man get rid of website.

  • This scumbag was using the Gotti name to try and make a buck. He’s so full of crap, any moron out there stupid enough to spend money on his book is an idiot. I’m so glad John Gotti Jr decided to write his book which is the most truthful book you can buy out there about the Gotti family because it’s written by one of the most important people in John Gotti Sr’s life, his own son. Put your money to good use and go out and by his book. John Alite would suck a horse for any sort of attention or money. He’s a garbage pail!

  • You know how they made a movie about Jackie D who represented himself in court and
    he destroyed all the rats on the witness stand for being junkies etc…? Find me Guilty is the
    movie. They need to make a movie about how bad John Arat was on the witness stand, I
    really wish they could make a movie or some recreation of the whole courtroom scene, just
    to see him fail miserably. I would buy that movie, I thought Find me guilty was also great. Very

    • Roman you should check out the documentary Jackie DiNorscio was in, “Mob Stories,” which aired on HBO. It was shot in the 1990s. DiNorscio gives an on camera interview from federal prison. If you liked the movie you’ll definitely love the interview. There was also a book written about that massive New Jersey case where he represented himself.

      • Hey Chris, I believe I saw a part of the documentary where he talks about how rats like Gravano or many others
        are to weak to do the time, So they rat out their friends. I think it was taken off of youtube, but it was in
        jail and you could see him doing his exercises. The guy did his time and died within a year of getting out, but
        that movie is one of the best court room/mob movies, just my opinion. It was very real when you know Goodfellas
        or Casino had fictional events added in. Its funny how the boss hated Jackie for representing himself and chewing
        every rat out on the witness stand, but the boss eventually became a rat. Jackie was the main reason everyone got
        off. He lost trust in lawyers for his drug thing. But anyway, do you know if the full documentary is on youtube or what
        its called ? I typed Jackie D and mob stories and I don’t think youtube has the right one. He praised Gotti Sr. in the
        interview also.

        • Damn, I hate when the letters go all over the place sometimes when I post.
          It looks weird. Oh I heard about some fires in NY churches and Arat’s name
          came up. I don’t use Twitter or social media anymore, but if you know about
          anymore interviews coming up with Arat. Let me know, because I hear now
          some hosts are going to question him deeper. Thanks guys.

          • I’m positive Alite had nothing to do with that. He just used it as publicity. If you go to JohnAliteFacts.com/FrankMorano there is a recent segment Frank did commenting on it and Alite’s latest media appearance on the Curtis Sliwa show. JohnAliteFacts.com/Horse touches on it also.
            A clip from Mob Stories is used at JohnAliteFacts.com/JohnGotti. Here is a link to the full documentary:

    • John alite would toss you a beaten like you never saw. I remember him as a kids he was real tough guy. This whole site is bullshit. You living out your fantasy.

    • I agree was a very good movie,and a true one at that.

  • Very possible he created a alibi for himself by going live on the air, it does not mean he is not complicit in some form or fashion.

    • Are you the one that calls in to some of the shows recently and defend this guy like he’s really changed ?
      Well the evidence is here. Be careful with this womanbeater.

  • No I would never defend this rat, I know he is a violent Bi sexual deviate that can never be trusted alone with anyone. I was pointing out if he did not set the fire, it does not mean he is ruled out until the investigation is completed.

    • I understand that, I mean the name you are using is the same name of the woman who has called
      in to defend this rat. So I don’t know if this is just a fake name or if this is really Teresa and
      you’ve seen the light about this monster.

  • Roman the false religious person you are talking about is Theresa M Racine, she claims to be a christian however she is a wolf in sheep clothing, she knowingly supports alite with lies and demonic behaviour.

    • Right thats the name. I believe she is the one responsible for wanting to bring this maniac around
      elementary school kids. Whats he going to teach them ? Kids today are more concerned about
      playing call of duty. Even though there are still kids who need help, he’s the last one that should
      give advice.

  • Having him teach-mentor at risk youth, is like having OJ mentor on domestic violence.

    • LOL I know, he is really just becoming a circus act, but can be a psycho from hearing
      stories about his ex wife shaking when hearing his name. I feel bad for her. I listened to the Sliwa
      interview and I’m listening to another interview with this con man. He is talking about how he was
      doing crimes with Sammy Gravano LMAO. I doubt Sammy ever even said hello to this guy, Why
      would he ? In Sammy’s book, does he even mention Arat ?

  • This informant is the FEDS dream come true, they groom finks like this for years if that’s what it takes. They had the fink on the shelf until it was time, they knew and alite knew, a day would come where he would throw anyone under the bus at their direction. FEDS know the type and they make contact with them early on, he has been dry snitch’n for years.

    • John Alite was an informant since at least 1991. Proof here: JohnAliteFacts.com/Rat

      • This guy Alite is clearly full of fecal matter, but the fact is most of what is reported about the mob in books, documentaries, and movies is bullshit, even when the person in question is a legitimate mob big shot (such as Sam Gravano).

        Even a great movie like Goodfellas is largely full of crap, as was the book upon which it’s based.

        About the only things you can really take as real are what’s on wiretaps, video, or crime scene evidence.

        Some of these books are better than others but they all have roughly the same relationship to reality as reality TV; an ounce of truthiness for every pound of bullshit.

        If someone were ever to write a wholly fact based, unsensationalized book or documentary about the mob or just wouldn’t be very popular because they’re nowhere near as interesting, organized, mysterious, affluent, or ‘honorable’ as the Hollywood movies and sensationalist documentaries and paperbacks make them out to be. In reality they’re about as interesting as the average dope addict burglar.

        That’s why I don’t get interested in books like the one Gotti Jr. is coming out with even though it’s doubtless a gazillion times better than this wannabe Alite’s book because even if it turns out to be the best mob insider book ever it will almost certainly still be mostly bullshit.

  • The Wikipedia entry on John Alite requires some serious fixing. It is basically a completely one sided rehashing of all of his lies that have been exposed here and elsewhere:


  • Thank you for this site. I hate rats and because of one, I did a bid. I was never in my life convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony, but with the help of a rat the feds twisted my former positions into terroristic threats. What I have come to learn is a rat is a rat, no matter what their crime is. I sat at the table with people that were convicted of being Mafioso, many of them had by faaaaaaaaar more honor and values than their dishwasher co- defendents that testified against them. Keep up the good work!

  • Who thinks John Alite isn’t a liar? Pretty sure everyone knows that already

  • what a load of shite, looser

  • I know him longer than anyone on this site. Was like a brother…dated his sister for 4 to 5 years. Jamaica ave s crew. Played ball with him from 6 to 7 years old n up and he was not that good…matter of fact his older brother was better n I was 100x better. Mentioned my name in his books couple of times and one about saving my ass at Dicks Deli on Jamaica ave….BS I took him to Alberts house by 88st park n got all squashed. But to everyone out there…toughest guy I ever been around. He did some bad ass stuff, never backed down and handled more than most know without Jr., seen it first hand. Before Jr came up to Jamaica Ave. Long story. Priest story BS. Kids we knew back in the day hung with Father Ferro, St. Thomas Apostle..Woodhaven…he knows them. I know more than anyone on this site.

    • THIS MIDGET IS A NOTORIOUS LIAR. HE IS SUCH A LIAR THEY MADE A WEBSITE ABOUT HIM LOL. My uncle did 20 years in prison for the Gambinos. I said this before on one of the francheze videos. John Gotti killed at least 9 people. John Gotti got his start as a hitman. He would take a job and do it HIMSELF. No other people with him, he would roll into a place and clap someone by his lonesome. That’s how he got his respect from street guys when he took over. He didn’t kill anyone when he was boss, but bosses give orders. This guy is an albanian, a midget, and a liar. He never worked for any family. He was hired by an associate who worked for a crew of associates to beat up drug dealers. He rolled around with four guys to do it because again, dude is a midget who can’t bench the bar. He claimed to have killed 8 people, that number when down to 4, and then eventually it went down to 1 and 1 as an affiliate. He got exposed in court as never having done 99% of the shit he has said he did. The only person he ever killed was a drug dealer and his friend over a debt that was owed to someone who wasn’t in the mafia whatsoever. He did this with his friend. Real mob killers don’t give interviews and don’t talk when they go to jail. Even gravano, another midget, who only shot people when he was with his people, isn’t a real street dude.

      • Joey Mads. Masameno

        But John also helped bring down the mob by talking too much. And being too flashy.

        • so if he walked around in a bath robe, talking to himself (gigante) the feds would have ignored him he died in the can….. smh bath ave 4eva

    • I know who this is! Lol

  • Salvatore A. Grasso

    Chris – I just came across the Alite website. Great reporting; keep it up! If you ever need a favor, please reach out.


    Sal G.

  • I have to say that I think you have been duped by presenting things on this site that are not facts. The Gotti’s were and are scumbags and rats. John Alite did time and so did Sammy. Gotta sr. earned his way to prison and death inside the walls as a contained man.

  • Francesco Frank Fiordilino

    take it from me tyrus this is a con job for these rats to make money none of them were heavy duty, drug addicts and low level bums who could NOT do the time c’mon man can you see borello in the joint with hard core convicts? he would be married rolling dread locks 4 life. take it from me i ratted i admit it not proud but the life wasnt for me when it came time to pay up and it was not for these weak dogs

    • 110% rt gomer

    • gomer lololol you crack me up your hionest to the bone gomer why didnt john A say gotti was a informant on the stand dont make sense guy faces all these trials now runs the kings and he is a snitch? alite is stories are going over the rainbow gomer come on now

  • my father was concerned that senior alite was a co operator does make sense he flipped his kids lots a people went to jail around them then and now he never did get pinched could this be true?

  • Everyone wants to be a gangster until its time to put in some work! Alite was there. I seen him many times outside the club in Ozone park on a Sunday afternoon. Jr. and the crew. He killed and I am sure he would do it again if he had to. I was raised to stay away from them. Glad I listened to the old man. LOL

  • A little known fact is John Alite is the guy who taught Arnold Rothstein to gamble.

    He was also the guy who founded Las Vegas, he was the shooter on the Grassy Knoll in Dallas, he helped Hoffer escape to the Soviet Union, and he rigged every US Presidential Election since the Civil War.

    He also wrote all the songs for NWA, which of course he founded.

    • aletto was on all the sit downs with toto’ riinna, he made him go to trial then shelved him.

    • alite and I one n only gunner baffoon bloomers were on the giuseppe petrosino palermo sicily

      • louie "two times" salzone

        gunnar trying to hide will not get you a pass, your flip floppin with rats show what you really are, go circle jerk with larry the maid

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