John Alite Got Beat Up At A Strip Club

Ever since mob rat John Alite began his media/defamation tour before the release of his “biography” in January, 2015 he’s bragged in interview after interview what a tough guy and accomplished killer he is. He even preaches how he walks the streets of New York by himself without security because he has no fear of retribution.

However, that’s not true:

John Alite has a personal bodyguard — name withheld — who was spotted protecting him at his interviews for Crime Watch Daily and Crime Does Not Pay? who also kept Alite safe during the filming of his fictional “documentary” about himself which he has the nerve to call The Perfect Gangster, and who appears across Alite’s Instagram and Facebook at all sorts of events making sources ask “Why?” as Alite is known to use the “n-word” and other derogatory terms for African Americans (read more about that here). In addition, sources report that John Alite is known to hire off duty law enforcement to do security for him and it’s believed that while filming some of his “projects” he has had FBI agents stationed nearby.

But, perhaps there’s a legitimate reason for that as multiple sources contacted in early April reporting an incident at Sugardaddy’s, a strip club in Queens, New York on the night of Saturday, April 1st.

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According to eyewitness reports — and if John Alite disputes this, he can always pull the security footage, which for all we know he’s already had law enforcement do — there was a birthday party there that night for an Albanian and Alite apparently thought he would be honored to have him as Alite has been trying to turn himself into an Albanian folk hero and some Albanians seem to be buying it… but, when Alite walked into the party? Feeling safe and secure among his people, as he arrived without his bodyguard? The Albanian approached Alite, who he did not want there and who was not invited, and said: “Why are you here? I don’t know you like that.” And was about to have him thrown out when Alite pleaded to be able to stay, leading the Albanian to allow him to, but under the condition he not join his party and sit on the opposite side of the club.

When, someone from a different party, whose identity is being withheld thought he recognized Alite. He approached him with a big smile, extended his hand and said: “Before I shake your hand, are you John Alite?”

Flattered, Alite replied that he was. He thought he was a fan.

But: he wasn’t. This individual “slapped” Alite with a left, and after Alite fell back a few feet pummeled him with a dizzying array of hard punches.

Stunned, Alite “got his ass handed to him” and ran behind some bouncers, seeking shelter and screaming at them to “Call 911!” as he took out his phone and made calls himself.

Afraid to go out the front door where he might not be safe, Alite ran out the back of the small club to what he thought would be his safety… But, unfortunately for Alite, behind Sugardaddy’s is a canal leading into Newtown Creek/the East River and he was blocked from accessing the street.

Desperate and seemingly fearing for his life, John Alite jumped into this sewage and parasite infested water — some of the dirtiest on the planet — and refused to come out, again shouting at the bouncers to “Call 911!” (he dropped his phone before jumping in).

The bouncers told Alite to come out, but Alite wouldn’t without law enforcement to protect him.

Luckily for John Alite, however, minutes later his uninvited sons also showed up for the birthday party and sources gave the following accounts:

One said that the sons approached the front entrance and introduced themselves like they were welcome, ready to attend the party, but the bouncers told them to get lost, and after they realized what was happening, they threatened to call 911.

Upon further investigation, however, it was revealed that one of the sons got out of the car with his phone in hand telling the bouncers that he had 911 on the line and demanded to know where his father was.

After which, they were brought to the back of the club, by the canal, and Alite finally felt safe enough to come out of the sewage… but, with only one shoe on as the other was lost to the river.

The bouncers put him in their car, they took off, and shortly after the police arrived. Because, according to one source, after Alite dropped his phone as he “leaped into the water scared for his life,” he left it behind after he got in the car, after which this source looked at his phone and saw the last two calls: the first to 911, and right after that another to a “Johnny Jr.,” believed to be Alite’s son.

Which begs the question: Is John Alite so selfish that after calling 911 possibly scared for his life, he called his son to help him, knowing that he’d be putting his son in what he believed was life-threatening danger also?

John Alite more or less confirmed this story after I started asking around about it a week later.

On April 8th I saw on Facebook that Stephen Newell, who testified against Alite as a defense witness at the 2009 Gotti trial and helped expose that Alite had been chased out of Queens and his association with the Gambino family by John A. Gotti in 1991 was in the company of Andy Deliana, the director of Alite’s fiction-based, upcoming “documentary.” So, I messaged Newell to ask Deliana if he knew about his star liar getting beat up and running into the water. Which obviously got back to Alite because on April 17th he went on The Mike Calta Show, mentioned that I was bringing it up, and made the following warped statement, his own fictionalized, fantasized version of the events:

NOTE: I was having trouble embedding the video but to watch his rant click here and forward to 21:54.

“Guys talk about loyalty, it’s a joke. I mean I just had an incident recently at a, at a club, and, this is gonna go on, you know, always. And, I was in, you know, I had a couple of drinks, I was by myself, I was in an industrial area. And you have guys that are Albanian that are you know supposed to be loyal to me, and you know the message I’m sending out, and they’re hanging out with Serbs, which is a, you know a, especially what goes on with Albanians, Serbs and there’s a hero Ramush, that I talk about in Albania all the time that fought the war, that he’s in jail in Paris, and it’s disrespect to guys like him, disrespect to kids we’re trying to help. But, they’re weak guys. I mean the guy took a shot at me, went to, he hit me and he punched me on the blind side. And, this stuff’s gonna happen. I says, and I laugh at it, because, first of all the kid can’t even hit. I mean he should, he should be able to knock me out, and uh, you know he didn’t move me. And you know the next thing is somebody said to me well why didn’t I go outside and finish fighting? They showed up with 8 or 10 guys or whatever. So I said I didn’t have my Superman cape on that day. So I, I took a dive into the water, and uh, you know I said I had my Aquaman suit on. So I made a joke of it because I understand these guys. If they’re real serious guys, if you really want to be a gangster you’ll do what I did. You won’t come in and punch me in the face, you’ll come in and shoot me in the head. Or you’ll come and stab me up… These guys are trying to be something that I already know. If you’re a real guy, I came in the club, I’m gonna walk out the club. You caught me off guard a little bit because I, I don’t really drink, I get sloppy, I was drinking, I was alone. I’m in an industrial park, I’m in Queens… Well you know what I’ll tell you the truth, here’s the thing and you know this… You know, guys know, I walk around I do whatever I feel like doing. I’m really not worried about getting hit, I’m a boxer, I mean it’s almost laughable to get punched, so what… in the ring you’re hit 40, 50 times a day… I grew up like this, and you know, if someone’s gonna kill me, I says let it be. But, guys like the real guys, they just wait for me to come walking out the door. And they do what they need to do, shoot me. They ain’t gonna come in like an amateur and punch me. What are we, 12 years old? So, you know, this is the laughable part of the behavior of guys that are insecure. You turned on your own people. You know, actually after it was done, some of the Italians were making fun of him, saying this is a flunkie that wannabe Italian. So it is laughable, because, you know you’re going against your own people, you’re not even good at what you do. So, you know on a show like this I can tell you I says I’d love to get in a ring with him. And he fights so bad he can bring that Spanish guy he was with. So, I’ll fight the two of them… That’s an open challenge to two guys that can’t fight too well… I just did celebrity boxing… well, I didn’t do it, Junior wouldn’t get in the ring, I asked him.”

But, forget that his version of events is nowhere near accurate, as the club has security cameras, and security cameras don’t lie.

During his rant, Alite described the Albanians not being loyal to him, but, sources within the Albanian community alleged that one of the reasons he was not welcome at the party was not just because he testified against alleged members of Italian organized crime, but, because he is believed to be informing on members of Albanian organized crime in present day. In addition: Alite mentioned on The Mike Calta Show and in other appearances that he was a boxer, however, numerous sources who’ve known Alite for decades say they have no recollection of him ever boxing anyone. But, notice how at the end there he said he asked “Junior” — John A. Gotti — to fight him in a celebrity boxing match? That’s true. On April 14, 2016 he posted the challenge on Facebook and Instagram and even said that if Gotti wouldn’t fight him he’d fight me instead.

But, after Gotti heard about it? He told me to send him the following message:

“John Gotti wouldn’t wipe his ass with you. You had your chance to be tough 25 years ago when he slapped you and chased your crying ass out of Queens. He would never lower himself and make you more than the dog that you are. You’d blow a horse if it got someone to pay attention to you.”

Which I did via email, and Alite replied just one minute later with the following statement:

“Don’t text me personally ever again this message will be turned over .”

To who? The FBI? Which is made all the more hilarious because two weeks later on a 5/1/2016 podcast Alite admitted that he actually would blow a horse if it got John Gotti to fight him:

“I said, I said– Bring me the horse, because I’ll suck the horse’s cock to get him back in the ring with me. That’s what I said. I says, so, if you’ve got the horse, bring him over to me. That’s how bad I want to get him in the ring.”

Read more about that here: John Alite’s All-Star Boxing Challenge.

That was not the first time that John Alite got beat up or threatened someone with the FBI or 911, though.

According to multiple eyewitness sources, in early 2015 John Alite walked into a bar in Howard Beach, Queens and approached a local “tough guy.” He said that he heard he was “talking shit” about him and asked the tough guy to step outside. To which he accepted, but after walking outside, he spotted FBI Agents in a car down the block, shook his head, and just walked back inside.

Around the same time, one of Alite’s comrades who had been promoting his book across the internet and was going with Alite to his media appearances, but has since disappeared, signaling a falling out with Alite, like pretty much everyone who comes into his orbit has with him — this individual, who was telling people he was Alite’s cousin, was reportedly getting his nails done in a salon in Howard Beach and bragging about his cousin John Alite, the greatest guy in the world, to one of the workers, when a “tough kid” from the neighborhood overheard him, approached him, and: “bitch-slapped him, and walked out.”

However, several months ago reported on Facebook that a source claimed on the night of September 24th, 2016 John Alite was acting like an obnoxious big shot at Cuzin’s Clam Bar in Marlboro, New Jersey when someone recognized who he was and approached him along the lines of: “You’re acting like a big tough guy, but aren’t you that rat?”

Words ensued, one thing lead to another and John Alite threw a punch… but, he got punched right back and a fight broke out. Alite’s friend got up to help him, but then the other guy’s friend intervened and knocked Alite’s friend out cold, and in the end, Alite got his hole broke, and when he came to? He threatened to come back with a bunch of guys… but, he was told it was over. To never come back and never speak about what happened.

Upon further investigation, however, a new story emerged:

That on September 24, 2016 Alite was having dinner with Gambino informants Michael DiLeonardo and Frank Fappiano at the nearby Fireside Grill and Bar, after which, Alite went to Cuzin’s which is just down the road to meet two people, a man and a woman.

But unfortunately for Alite, someone at Cuzin’s knew who he was, did not want him in the place, they got into a fight, and in the end? This individual beat the crap out of John Alite and threw him out.

If he would like to though, as has been stated over and over, John Alite has an open forum at to give his side of things, at any time, unfiltered, just as Alite’s quote from The Mike Calta Show is posted above unfiltered. He can also address the claim by a source for that after the beating by just one person at Sugardaddy’s he was telling people he was instead assaulted by “seven guys with guns,” which is slightly different than what he said on the radio, that “they showed up with 8 or 10 guys.”

But, last but not least? He can also address the claim that he was telling people he couldn’t come out of the water because people were “shooting bullets” around him into it.

When, again: security cameras don’t lie.

This article was originally published at Gangsters Inc.



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